Nudity to Fame or craziness

Nudity To Fame Or Craziness

There are Two major situations which is either We are returning to the Era of Adam and Eve Or We are simply loosing it.

Have you seen this magician strip naked all because of ?? I saw this performance on Facebook, watched it to the end and was amazed. I actually tried to figure out the information she was trying to pass across but then I realized that craziness is increasing very fast  amongst humans. I agree that whatever We decide to do with our body is our business but this is indeed ridiculous, with that thing coming out of her asshole like that…

Musicians going naked all in the name of fame; actors and actresses doing same; protesters have joined in for whatever reasons; now magicians. Very soon I think TV news anchors will start appearing naked on set just for us to have a preference to their TV station. Gradually where does this get us to? I really wonder!

13 thoughts on “Nudity To Fame Or Craziness”

  1. What’s that about musicians being naked? 😉 I’ve never posted a photo of me playing naked. Well, just once. BTW, the video wouldn’t play for me, but I found another version on youtube. She strikes me of being burlesque and kind of funny.

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  2. Lol. Rob I never saw that video of you playing naked😎…how is that? I just didn’t see the necessity of her going all naked..


  3. lol! No, it wasn’t a video, just a photo rehearsing with an acoustic guitar and nothing else. 😎 If taken in the context of some cliche magician comments, for example “nothing up my sleeve”, it becomes humorous, since she has no sleeves.

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  4. I went to YouTube to search her video to watch it. The link on your post did not play well.
    I thought she was entertaining. I think thats the whole purpose of her act. People seem to get a kick out of it. The only problem I would have is if she took her handkerchief that came from all crevices and touched me with it. Lol
    As long as she or any person is comfortable in their skin I think nudity is a beautiful thing. That was an acceptable environment for it. The mall not so much. I’m not sure we’re quite there for news anchors reporting in all their nakedness. Art is art and entertainment is entertainment we thrive on it.

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  5. Thanks for taking out time to read my post and
    commenting 😊 Like I wrote in my blog, whatever we decide to do with our body is our business but it feels odd when it’s done for the wrong reasons like this….I think it’s simply a way of seeking attention quickly and desperately which has promoted fame for some celebrities which I term as wrong reasons to go nude…some people love it and some people simply see it of no use💕


  6. Two words: sex sells. Laymen are obsessed with sex these days so it’s becoming more acceptable in popular culture. As for crazy behaviour being accepted as normal, don’t get me started!

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  7. Paul this obsession with sex nowadays is really unexplainable. I wish someone could explain it, maybe I will do a research and blog about it😁😁 thanks for your comment. I would have love to get you started though😉😊.


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