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Nudity To Fame Or Craziness

There are Two major situations which is either We are returning to the Era of Adam and Eve Or We are simply loosing it.

Have you seen this magician strip naked all because of ?? I saw this performance on Facebook, watched it to the end and was amazed. I actually tried to figure out the information she was trying to pass across but then I realized that craziness is increasing very fast  amongst humans. I agree that whatever We decide to do with our body is our business but this is indeed ridiculous, with that thing coming out of her asshole like that…

Musicians going naked all in the name of fame; actors and actresses doing same; protesters have joined in for whatever reasons; now magicians. Very soon I think TV news anchors will start appearing naked on set just for us to have a preference to their TV station. Gradually where does this get us to? I really wonder!

Tempted To Touch

The unmistakable feeling that swirls in my head, reeling around like a mirage, bringing the images of kissing, touching, romancing in the whirlwind of the night, tempted to touch just like Eve gave Adam the forbidden apple.

The chemistry that flows between us, the electric current that sparks when I’m about to touch…The jolts of suspense, the ejaculation of sweet smell of roses from my breath; wherever that came from cannot be compared to paradise.

He is the paradigm of ecstacy

The fire from the breath of the dragon

Stamping my feet on the land

Lading with touch of gold

My face covered with drapes of silver

The air that I breath masked with desire

Gripping my heart with his strong hold

Let me sink in the pool of passion

I am a woman of many desires.

They thought it was a phantasy, I thought it was genuine…He thought it was misconception. Everything encompassing the event before my eyes.

I walked out before them, in my eyes that beheld love, longing, urge, craving for the man that I knew was mine, it said it all, then they knew I was not hallucinating, he knew I was the woman…The one he had walked around the surface of the earth searching for…