The Building Blocks Of Relationships

The Building Blocks Of A Relationship

Every relationship has issues

But when you confront it

By giving it everything you’ve got

Such as Communication, trust, patience

Then you have tightened a bond

That can never be broken.

The building blocks of relationships that makes it stand strong and firm as tested and trusted by the older generations are being stamped on by the younger generations.


We are so impatient, lack trust for whatever reason, we see communication as a disturbance or unnecessary move, we want it right here! Now! Immediately or we will crumble.

Communication, trust and patience are the steps to wisdom we need to thrive to embrace, feed upon and apply to our daily lives, relationships and marriages. It has worked before, will work again and will always work!!!


28 thoughts on “The Building Blocks Of A Relationship”

  1. “Communication, trust and patience are the steps to wisdom we need to thrive to embrace, feed upon and apply to our daily lives, relationships and marriages….”

    So absolutely true! Very well said. ❤

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  2. I’ll admit that communication is the key to getting to understand your partner and their views, but it does not always lead to a closer bond or everlasting relationship. Open communication may bring about an understanding that they are two different people who want and expect different things and the relationship should dissolve. Then those involved can end on mutual terms without having animosity.

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  3. Instant gratification is an enemy of relationships.
    Patient and tolerance is a must because it takes time for people to see themselves honestly and then become willing to change.
    Honest communication keeps the love fire inside us burning.
    Like you said, it works if we work it.

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  4. Vernon that’s a new one I’m learning ‘ instant gratification’ thanks so much for contributing..we learn everyday 💝 Have a great week.


  5. Totally agree, without communication, trust can be a really difficult thing, you need to know where you and your partner stand with one another!

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  6. I completely agree this generation has stomped on traditions, patience, and communication. Everything has to be fast and easy. Texting and social media have taken over real face to face interactions. A “Netflix and chill” is the new date

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