Cure For Suicide

I have often wondered why people commit suicide but I think what we should be more worried about is the cure…

This can happen to anyone and it starts from depression. I don’t have the cure to suicide, we don’t have the cure to suicide but we can prevent it. HOW?

Anthony Bourdain was found dead in apparent suicide, it’s a very sad news because just a couple of days ago Kate Spade also committed suicide. These two individual are very talented people whom God created to make a statement in the world through the gifts he endowed them with.

May their souls rest in peace and may the good lord strengthen their family at this period of mourning.

I have thought about suicide once and I informed the world indirectly but guess what? My loved ones detected immediately and called me in seconds, they prayed for me and my brother left his family to stay with me, they kept close contact with me because they realised I had gone weak from being one of the strongest in the family….

I myself needed attention. Anyone can go crazy at anytime.

I’m stronger today. Let’s love, be loved and say no to depression and suicide.

12 thoughts on “Cure For Suicide”

  1. Very sad, indeed. I lost a really good friend to suicide 26 years ago. No note. No indication that he was that desperate for relief from torment. I’d give anything to be able to ask him why, and how his friends could’ve helped prevent it from happening. 😕

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  2. I’ve dealt with depression (was diagnosed with MDD : Major Depressive Disorder) and struggled with depression for many years. 2 suicide attempts but thank
    god, it wasn’t my time. It’s a blessing to have people who are in tune with you but with depression people wear masks and wear them well. Chances are they gave clues so long ago but no one listened and took them serious. I could go on and on as I’m a mental health advocate, but I love this post. More awareness needs to be bought to mental health because it’s not going to go away on it’s on.

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  3. You know I’m glad you added your opinion because lots of people expect someone depressed to say I’m depressed; just like you said with depression people wear the mask so well, it can only take people that are way more than close to you to detect especially at the critical stage. There is always a clue but people aren’t too busy with their own issues to notice until it happens except if God intervenes. I really do appreciate that you understand and contributed so well to this post. Thanks dear💞❤

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