Why should your heart be arid

Why Should Your Heart Be Arid

I have written 359 posts since I started blogging on WordPress over two years ago and one of them has somehow stuck to my heart, therefore is now one of my most favorite posts. So far, it’s one of the oldest which I would like to reblog, hence I might probably be reblogging a few of my old favorite blog posts once in a while just as a reminder and also for my new blogger friends to read.

Thank you and enjoy as you read…

When the heart is so arid, so much more that the desert feels better to plant the seed of love.

I wonder what goes through it… Turmoil, bitterness, envy, hatred…Can’t say the least.

Open the heart to love, generosity, kindness, then see how the face transforms into something beautiful that will attract good people, favor and lots more.

The arid heart is the ground that cannot harvest anything good but sadness and loneliness-eddaz.

41 thoughts on “Why Should Your Heart Be Arid”

  1. Hey Eddaz,

    I’m so happy that after 2 years and 359 blog posts, all of your current posts maintain the same integrity, wisdom, and romance! You’re very talented at writing and there hasn’t been a post on your blog which I haven’t enjoyed…yet… (lol dont worry I’m just teasing).

    Your Arid heart poem is one in a million. It conveys many feelings while signifying the importance of having a good heart in life.

    Looking forward to read your old favourite blog posts!! 🙂



  2. Thanks Vasil for your kind words, means a lot to me and I think I’m blushing right now😀😊 I’m glad you enjoyed my old blog posts. I love your blog posts so far too and more than willing to read more❤

    Liked by 1 person

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