Symphony Of Poetry

Caught in the flames of words I wrote

Intoxicating the royalty in my blood

I am radicalized by a smoky love I lost

Bring me back the symphony of poetry

To the knight lost in the tune of my stride

Turn thy fate to the rhythm of Rhapsody

As I blossom in vermeil-white of the bird


Image Source: Pixabay



46 thoughts on “Symphony Of Poetry”

  1. Hey! Hope you are doing great!
    I’ve nominated you for the “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION” Tag! You have the flexibility and leeway to interpret the “word prompt” the way you like and however you want! Photos, quotes, lyrics, poems or an article – whatever works for you!❤
    Today’s “word prompt” is – HOPE.
    Would love for you to participate. (PS – No compulsion tho!) 🙂
    Love and light! 🙂

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  2. Aww that sounds so pleasing and I’m blushing right now😆. I’m glad my posts have such effects on you. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement Paul💞😃


  3. I pride myself on being the kind of person who likes the posts of others in the hope that they’ll just like mine back. I’d only be punishing myself if I did that with you as your writing always hits me in a deep way. You’re extremely talented.

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  4. Eddaz love your poem , in this poem you have written about your writing , a passionate writer smiley of words to flames intoxcating your passion to write have written about lost love , want bring back the symphony of poetry ,the rythym of an epic peom ,you want to blossom… great work keep it up expect more from you thank you, take care god bless…

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