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Let The Tongue Shine

Lyrical power of my prose

In my soul, it’s exhilarating.

I open my mouth singing,

for the

light brightens from within.

The greatness of one word on my tongue

birthing to the rising of the shine.

There is power in the words of our mouth that whatever we utter from it must be with caution. Positive words give birth to positivity while negative words open the way to negativity and downfall.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Symphony Of Poetry

Caught in the flames of words I wrote

Intoxicating the royalty in my blood

I am radicalized by a smoky love I lost

Bring me back the symphony of poetry

To the knight lost in the tune of my stride

Turn thy fate to the rhythm of Rhapsody

As I blossom in vermeil-white of the bird


Image Source: Pixabay



Words Of Life

“You say you love rain, but you use

an umbrella to walk under it. You

say you love the sun, but you seek

shade when it is shining. You say

love wind, but when it comes you

close your window. So that’s why

I’m scared when you say you love


-Bob Marley

So long as we are still alive, issues will always arise and we’ve got to tackle them- Eddaz

Thought For The Day

You are unique in all ramifications

Nothing is more important

But staying happy in life.


You are filled with passion

Which radiates innocently

And makes you look gorgeous.


All the most charming words

in the world aren’t enough

to describe how lovely you are.


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I Cry Hard

Damn…I cry hard

My heart is bleeding

Subjected to torture

Crying out!! Seeking severely!!

When? How?

Waiting agonizingly​ for dawn to come

Everyday…Every moment…Every striking key

Damn….I cry hard

Stretching my arms out in tears of pain


Confused…Anxious… Impatient

Concurrent spasm of hope jolts my heart

Be patient! It will come!

This are words from my heart to those of us waiting anxiously for the moment we have been waiting; seeking; believing we will achieve that which we know is ours; the success and joy we crave for; It will come, we will get there.

Love you…

My Pot Of Words

Floating in a rythmic attitude

Across the parallel lined surface

Pot of words that fill within me



Strings of melodious strokes

Filling my buds in sweetness

Songs in my heart I cry


Embellish my pot of words

Outpouring in rainbow form

Across the sky in creativity

My pot of words


Call forte the bird

That carry the words

Of my soul in the night

Come forte….



Floating Words Into Poetry

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thoughts and the thoughts have found words- Robert Frost

There are times we wonder how words fly from all directions to make a sentence in poetry. I used to wonder until I started to put myself into the middle of words, hanging them around me, having fun with them and making sense of them which some might really not understand but you know what?? Just flow with the rhythm. Lay back and float just the way you do in the pool, let it move around you, close your eyes and imagine yourself inside the words.

Another way is to puff a bubble, allow it float in the air, look closely and what do you see inside of it, beef up your imagination and write down what you see. I love poetry, it takes me into another world, a less complicated one. One where I am the character, I create my world where I am happy, put together things I love to have, can I call it day dreaming?…Whatever! As long as it makes sense and gets me where I want to be.

I love poetry where I invite people into my world to travel along with me to that destination where we meet together and get along.

Kindly share a short one in the comment box if you wish.

Love you💞💕💝😘