Money Maker

A money maker according to Oxford Dictionary is a person or thing that earns a lot of money. We all aspire to be wealthy, if possible, I would buy a money spilling machine in my home. Laugh

Have you met a money maker ever? They are the most brilliant characters, weird enough some of them aren’t intelligent but lucky or good at what they do. I mentioned lucky because several people became prosperous through playing the lottery… I wish I could be like them.

While others are asking “How do I make more money?” They are busy counting their dough because they know what they are doing. If anyone tells you, they will teach you how to be rich, trust me they are making cash off you, they are money makers. So wake up today and become one without it affecting your daily life or creating a negative impact on your family and health. You can refer to this sites on money making ideas:



Brainstorm Ideas

Hard work



Mental Stability


These tips can help create a path to what or who you wish to be, aim for the best. Never give up because you are almost there. Negativity turns you into a pessimist, you don’t want to associate yourself with them either else you go down the drain.

Have a great time being you.

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11 thoughts on “Money Maker”

  1. I thought a money maker was your backside 🤷🏻😂

    Really though, I’ve been trying to brainstorm an original and unique business model for years, but, despite my creativity, I can’t seem to think of a product I could design that breaks the mould. And I don’t play the lottery…

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  2. Lol. Yes to some people money maker is backside😁…OMG..I know it’s hard to crack it (business model) sometimes, that’s why we just keep moving and hopefully one day it comes knocking on the door or we discover it😉. I don’t play lottery either but sometimes when I hear people winning, I get tempted to play but never has😁. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Paul.💝

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  3. I’d rather keep the price of a line on the lottery and put it in savings. If I saved that much a week, bearing in mind there are four main National Lottery draws a week over here, I’d have £520 at the end of the year. That could pay for a holiday.

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