Success Starts With You

Success is liking yourself,

liking what you do,

and liking how you do it- Maya Angelou

Everyone wants to become outstanding in life. It’s interesting how we focus our minds on the products of achievement but not on how to find our paths to the spot. How do you think someone worth multimillion dollars nailed this status; appear on social media platforms, and places where successful people are known?

Part of what makes us human is that we wake up every day and have one motive in mind- TO FEED. Maslow’s hierarchy focuses on the various levels of human need, once the basic and physiological demands are met (food, water, safety, affection, and esteem), a man works hard to climb to the next stage but the fundamental is getting to the level of self-actualization where success is the ultimate.

How do we become successful?

  1. Believe in you (Self Love).
  2. Aim Higher.
  3. Get out of your comfort zone.
  4. Grab a bag with a mission.
  5. Stand out from the crowd.
  6. Focus.

Actualizing this factors doesn’t confirm the certainty of you becoming wealthy overnight; it’s a gradual process where you take a step at a time alongside patience. Whatever definition of success you have in mind depends on what your goals are but in anything you do, remember to stay happy and not sacrifice your soul for success.

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15 thoughts on “Success Starts With You”

  1. Forgive my cynicism, but, from what I see, a lot of success nowadays depends on two things: being sycophantic towards already successful people and being prepared to step on other people to get where you need to get. That obviously all depends on what you’re trying to be a success in of course, but most people nowadays are looking at filthy rich businesspeople and oligarchs who own more commodities than they could ever possibly need in a move to control and manipulate the working and middle class. Sadly, these are the kinds of people that most are inspired by thanks to our friend, the popular media, the gift that keeps on giving! And the sad fact is that it’s these selfish, greedy, money grubbers that will always hold the power and influence young people for as long as the media glorifies them.

    Aaaaand breathe! 😂

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