Beauty Of My Life

Deep down below

Dirt smeared all over

The dead of the night struck me

But morning arose to heal me

Beauty became me.

Challenges have kept us gasping for breath, we’ve held tightly onto our dear life; sometimes closing my eyes to sleep at night is like terror about to unleash in the dream and eat my brain. I know everyone has a story to tell but surely different from that of others and we can’t even tell it all.

The outstanding thing is that we are alive today, never to fear death but the will to recognize the full worth of life and always resist the temptation to commit suicide. I have seen hell while on earth but through it all; I stood my ground with the passion to enjoy living; being a blessing to those around me and turned my back on negative people surrounding me. Appreciating the beauty of life is the beginning of wisdom.

Image Credit: Pixabay


29 thoughts on “Beauty Of My Life”

  1. Every time I’ve been asked in recent months whether I have thoughts of killing myself I always respond “No, because I would never do that to my son”. He is the beauty in my life, even when everything else is grotesque. He’s the reason I’ll always fight.

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing your experience Paul, and I’m glad to know your son is the beauty in your life. You must be a very good and loving father with a lot to learn from❤️😊


  3. You are a beautiful soul Eddaz! Yes! How I love this write of yours so very much, and for many relateable reasons! It is good to be alive to help others along their journey’s as well as living our own!! Much love to you for making a difference with your lovely words!🌻☀️

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  4. Thanks a lot Myth. I hope I’m making a difference😊 and I very much appreciate your encouraging words which usually lifts up my soul❤️


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