Healing Myself

I’ve been standing on the

treacherous terrain far too long

Been falling in the shallow

But you’ve been there

Pointing me in direction.

I’ve been roaming aimlessly

lost in the darkness

Falling behind.

 The shooting stars

took me on a journey

until I found myself on the other side.

On the hunt for recovery

I found no one to put me on therapy

Then I searched within

And discovered the therapist was me

healing me from inside.

Image Credit: Pixabay

22 thoughts on “Healing Myself”

  1. Eddaz, I am lucky to have come across your poem on healing. I must say, I needed a dose of what you said in your composition. I am additionally trying Yoga and meditation to heal myself, especially on the mental and emotional fronts after a friend’s recommendation. He sent me this particular article https://ashmayuyoga.com/yoga/what-is-flower-healing-therapy/ that talks about Flower Healing Therapy. I must say, this is a must read and try. Hope it helps your readers as well.

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  2. Thanks naveensharmyoga. I’m glad you found it very useful. I love yoga and will definitely go through the article and thanks for recommending it too❤️


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