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Love Yourself First

This is a very inspiring story posted by My Worth. You need to read it from the beginning to the end just like I couldn’t resist doing. Enjoy😉

My Worth

Happy Petrishko 

Wife and Mother of two


This is story of a woman who never seizes to amaze me. Recently I ran to her for help and the one thing I got out of the conversation we had was, “Honey you need to love yourself first”. I stopped in my tracks and thought to myself, this woman has been through hell and back, led a life that I can’t bring myself to imagine and yet she is the same woman who is standing before me telling me to “Love Myself First”. Many of us look at our circumstances, our past, our reality and think “my struggle is too real so I don’t deserve the best”. After reading Happy’s story, I want each one of you to reflect and conclude whether your challenge is greater than your Worth. Happy is the most confident and self-acknowledged person I know….she recognizes her worth.

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