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For Better Or Worse

In sickness and In health

Will love reign until death


The wedding vows have been passed down the line from generation to generation and the meaning of the words have also been thinning down as well, where couples forget it’s significance once they step off the holy ground and get hit by the storm of the union. This emotional exchange of love have become sentimental for so many but still cherished by a few.

If only we could be a little bit more patient in taking on this journey and get familiar with what MARRIAGE really is; it’s one filled with bliss, happiness, friendship, joy but also filled with its share of challenges which is why the vow “For Better Or Worse” has more in-depth meaning than we even realize.

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African Traditional Wedding

Hello people! We are going all the way to the motherland, I’m referring to Africa’s traditional wedding focusing basically on Nigeria which is where I’m from…Africa is a large continent this is why I’m concentrating on Nigeria at the moment.

I would like you to travel with me to some of the different tribes starting with the Yorubas:

African Traditional Wedding

African Traditional Wedding

African Traditional Wedding

The Traditional wedding is the most important part of the wedding ceremony which shows you are really married apart from the initial court and church wedding and it’s mandatory.

Edo Traditional Wedding Attires:

African Traditional Wedding

African Traditional Wedding

African Traditional Wedding

Getting married to the one you love is the most interesting experience anyone would love to witness in their lifetime but getting married isn’t for every one in love.

Housa Traditional Wedding Attires:

African Traditional Weddingwed5

Living together as husband and wife isn’t as easy as it seems but with love, maturity, faith, communication and unbreakable bond you will cross the bridge in harmony.

IgboTraditional Wedding Attires:

African Traditional WeddingAfrican Traditional Wedding

African Traditional Wedding

Just like #Davido said in #BETAwards “wear African clothes” I love Africa because of the richness in culture, trust me the traditional wedding is one you would love to experience.


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