stylish men-gets-all-the-beautiful-ladies

Stylish Men Get All The Beautiful Ladies

Guys try to dress stylishly for a number of reasons…One of which is to impress women.Some guys said they dress to impress their colleagues, some care less about what they wear, a few of them appeared to look stylish to maintain their company brand name, while a greater number of them said they dress well to impress as well as attract beautiful women!

Yes it’s true…. Every woman has a taste in what she likes seeing guys wear. They want men that understand what looking good means, one that takes care of himself. Definitely a man that knows good quality body spray….It’s important for all men especially for those that leave home without having a shower.

Stylish- Men- Get -All- the- Beautiful- Ladies

Clothes, Fashion, Style- Is usually touted as something that women care about, style for men make up a lot of unspoken cues when they meet people.

I rallied up 6 of my girlfriends, single and married, I asked them what their thoughts were about ‘what men wear,’ and I was able to get this from them.

Lola (Writer): I love seeing men in T-shirts on not too baggy blue jeans. Specifically, it could also be a long sleeve shirt but must be designed by Hawes and Curtis.


Samantha (Lawyer): I want men that dress like men because it makes a statement, a man in well tailored suit, classy tie to go with it, a killer pair of Chelsea shoes and nice body cologne is on point for me.

Kimberly (Business Merchant): “I don’t like my husband’s taste of wears; I’m considering doing him a complete makeover. I love men that dress like movie stars”.

Tiffany (Financial Adviser):  I date only men with good style…smelly, dirty guys are top of my list of ‘turn off’. I would love what a man wears provided that it’s clean, smells nice and has got style written all over like a brand name.

Belinda (Model): I love dudes in slim fitted jeans and T-shirts, there’s just something sexy and classy about it that turns me on…all topped up with Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne.”

For me, it’s purely a medium of self expression. It’s a way to subtly signal where they fit in.

16 thoughts on “Stylish Men Get All The Beautiful Ladies”

  1. Nice one! As far as I’m concerned, men should dress nice and decent irrespective of the purpose. We are all addressed the way we are dressed.

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  2. This is awesome. Dressing well also helps in negotiating business deals. Every woman always wants to show off her fashion conscious man.

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  3. This made me chuckle. I hardly ever look at how a man dresses – well one I am into or in this case married to but now I do tend to fight him more to upgrade and take more pride in his appearance. He is kind of hot! I want him to show off that side of him more.

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  4. More than what a man wears it is important that he looks and feels comfortable in it and can pull it off well. The clothes should live up to the man and vice versa.

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  5. Well, as your post clearly show that everyone has different choice when it came to dressing. And yeah I agree with you that it’s purely a means of self-expression. 😊

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  6. I love the style of men who look confident in their tees and palms for instance. Basically, exuding sexiness, confidence and smelling heavenly is my ultimate stylish man.

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