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Stylish Men Get All The Beautiful Ladies

Guys try to dress stylishly for a number of reasons…One of which is to impress women.Some guys said they dress to impress their colleagues, some care less about what they wear, a few of them appeared to look stylish to maintain their company brand name, while a greater number of them said they dress well to impress as well as attract beautiful women!

Yes it’s true…. Every woman has a taste in what she likes seeing guys wear. They want men that understand what looking good means, one that takes care of himself. Definitely a man that knows good quality body spray….It’s important for all men especially for those that leave home without having a shower.

Stylish- Men- Get -All- the- Beautiful- Ladies

Clothes, Fashion, Style- Is usually touted as something that women care about, style for men make up a lot of unspoken cues when they meet people.

I rallied up 6 of my girlfriends, single and married, I asked them what their thoughts were about ‘what men wear,’ and I was able to get this from them.

Lola (Writer): I love seeing men in T-shirts on not too baggy blue jeans. Specifically, it could also be a long sleeve shirt but must be designed by Hawes and Curtis.


Samantha (Lawyer): I want men that dress like men because it makes a statement, a man in well tailored suit, classy tie to go with it, a killer pair of Chelsea shoes and nice body cologne is on point for me.

Kimberly (Business Merchant): “I don’t like my husband’s taste of wears; I’m considering doing him a complete makeover. I love men that dress like movie stars”.

Tiffany (Financial Adviser):  I date only men with good style…smelly, dirty guys are top of my list of ‘turn off’. I would love what a man wears provided that it’s clean, smells nice and has got style written all over like a brand name.

Belinda (Model): I love dudes in slim fitted jeans and T-shirts, there’s just something sexy and classy about it that turns me on…all topped up with Jean Paul Gaultier Cologne.”

For me, it’s purely a medium of self expression. It’s a way to subtly signal where they fit in.