romantic marriage proposal gone bad

Romantic Marriage Proposals Gone Bad

Marriage proposal is a promise of taking one’s hand in marriage-Yes it takes a lot of courage… It’s either a (YES or NO), when that typical question is popped up-“will you marry me”, It makes a woman go gaga…


Lots of ladies in early stages of life have envisaged how they will be proposed to by “the one,” so also young men have imagined times without number how they will propose to their lovely “wife- to- be.”

It has been a dream come true for some while for others, has been their worst nightmare. However it’s always memorable when it goes as planned or better, but what happens to the self esteem of the person making the proposal if it turns out bad?



Have you ever witnessed a marriage proposal, or have you gone as far as making a dramatic one? I haven’t witnessed any but I have heard about some proposals that were awesome and some that went so bad that got my tongue tied…

Take for example a young dude that has prepared for so long how to make the best proposal. He finally finds the lady of his dreams, he decides to surprise her with a ring and takes her out for dinner, he keeps the ring in her dessert with the help of the waiter; OOPS!!! she swallows the ring or chokes on it, that can be horrible, men take note, if you have been planning that type of proposal-It’s time you cancel that plan.


A man decides to fake his own death after he slept in same bed with his girlfriend; the lady wakes up and tries to get him up but not even a flinch. She tries several times to wake him up, but without success, not knowing that the crazy guy was planning to make a marriage proposal. Guess what she does… she got out of bed, dressed up quickly, walks out of the house quietly; the guy got up, stunned, confused whether to call her or not, he waits three hours for her to call or maybe she would come back, but she didn’t, he decides to call her– the  phone was off; he went to her house but she had disappeared…VERY HEARTBREAKING!! Be sure of who you are proposing to and don’t be an extremist…



I watched a video of a guy trying to propose to his girlfriend after dating her for three months, he said the usual love quotes, bla bla bla, went on his knees, she tries to stop him, but he refused, he made the proposal and then he got a bang on his head. She hit him with a guitar right on his head which got him sprawled on the floor in public, while everyone just stared. You know it can be very embarrassing for a girl if a man proposes to her in public when she’s actually not ready to get married.


It’s even more annoying when a man doesn’t propose at all but he he just starts discussing wedding plans with the lady and then she actually doesn’t know how to respond- Should she go ahead with the wedding plan discussion without being proposed to or should she ask him if he’s trying to propose to her or rather should she just carry along with his plans. For goodness sake… where is this shit coming from? Courtesy demands you propose first, even if you don’t want to go through with the whole marriage proposal drama!!!





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