Handling relationships with different cultural beliefs

Handling Relationships With Different Religious Beliefs

I received an email from a lady who was in despair need of an answer to her confused state of mind, and I decided to post the content on my blog due to the sensitivity of it. This is one out of few mails I have received regarding religious beliefs, but this sounded peculiar to me which is why I decided to adjust a few of the texts and publish it. Here it goes:

I have known this guy for almost five months, he asked me out but I never took him seriously because of our religious differences. I am a christian and worship in a Pentecostal church, he is from a Muslim background and converted to Christianity but worships in the spiritualist church.

My fear is that I don’t understand their belief system as my parents are strict Pentecostals, no one I know in my has ever worshiped in such a church. I am also someone that believes a lot in God and want to make heaven, I just don’t understand the beliefs of his church. I like his personality and would love to have a relationship with him, he wants to be committed to me but I have not given him the opportunity because I don’t know where it would lead to. I discussed my fears with him and he made me understand that he won’t force me to attend his church even though at some point in time, he would love it if I do. He also said his church is a Christ believing church as well.

My question is what would my family say about this? What if it ends in marriage which I know I would love to happen? Where would our kids be baptized? I don’t know how my mind would start to operate. I need to know here different opinions while I also pray about this. Do I go further in dating him and getting to know him more or I should just forget about going into this affair with him even though I think about him almost every night and he seems to be the only man I have ever felt comfortable with in my life.

My own take on this is once I’m in love, the rest is history. We humans are different, and moreover it’s indeed sensitive that’s why Your kind comments and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.



32 thoughts on “Handling Relationships With Different Religious Beliefs”

  1. Love will find a way to make things work. I think if the couple stays committed to each other, what they value most and not try to please others, they will figure it out. A puzzle doesn’t come to you already put together. You have to put it together, piece by piece. Then it all makes sense. My very best wishes to the couple!

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  2. Thanks so much Robyn. I appreciate your comment. That’s my take on it too. I believe ad long as they both love each other squarely, then the live will conquer all😊. I love the aspect of putting the puzzle together💞

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  3. I have always placed a lot on faith so I understand this predicament. And when it comes to relationships having common faith is important. I also believe that when it comes to more serious relationships such as marriage you already are dealing with many changes, add a lack of common stance on religion could add to the stress. However, that being said, after 18 years of marriage I know it is also about compromise! Perhaps both being Christians they would find a common ground or church that is a good place for them jointly. But, let us not get the cart before the horse- they have not even chose to date yet 😉

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  4. Thanks a lot for the comment dear. Your kind advice is highly favoured being someone that has been 18 years into marriage. You obviously have a lot of experience in that department. Have a great day💝

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  5. Thanks so much for the comment neon. Googling spiritualist church means the members wear white garments for their worship and they prophesy. It’s a very good advice for her like you mentioned to find out more of what he believes💕. Have a great day😊


  6. I think she should really take her time and not rush, most often when issues like this are not properly dealt with they leave a huge void and cause great misunderstanding much later. So I would advise for wisdom in matters like this.

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  7. Thanks for your kind comment Somawrites. That was really a good advice. I think that works for everything, patience, wisdom.. Thanks love. It’s good she is taking her time as mentioned in her mail. I believe she’s reading all the comments and gaining some knowledge from them. Have a great day💞💝

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  8. Thanks so much Kim. I appreciate your great comment. ‘Love conquers all by opening the doors to let it in’ what would we do without it in this world. Very good advice. Much love😘

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  9. How sad it is that people are so captured in a religion (made up by humans long time ago). How sad they let it rule their life. I cannot understand their lack of critique! I myself – born christian with a lot of religious people around me, going to Sunday school, going to YWCA, ….. I was a child when I discovered the falseness, left church and now am a fan of Richard Dawkins …
    She is a grown up – she can decide herself if she will rule her life or let a religion do.
    It’s insane – just saying! Take control of your own life! I would say to her.

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  10. Thank you so much for the contribution Birgitta. 😊 I’m so glad with people’s opinions and advice regarding this post and I believe a lot of people will have one or two things to learn from them because there is so much bias in the world. The comments clarifies a lot and sheds light on so many other things related💞. Have a wonderful day.

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  11. I’ve never heard of a “Spiritualist Christian Church” though I am a practicing Roman Catholic with a strong leaning in the Spiritual side of my faith. I believe she needs further investigation into his beliefs *now*. They need to understand each others’ religion, if both truly Christian can they attend the same church? How will the bring up children? Love does not fix all things. Faith in God first, she is correct to be concerned.

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  12. Thank you so much for the contributions Laurie😊 Children are very important in marriages and decisions made for them today determines a lot. Love, patience, wisdom, belief, faith and being decisive, all put together will definitely help her decide I believe. Enjoy your day💞💝

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  13. Questions I’d ask myself. Could you live with yourself if you let this man go? Will you always wonder what if? Is your happiness dependant on what your family thinks or wants you to do? Are they going to be there for you when you’re lonely? Speaking from my own experience, I’ve placed to much value on what other people think is right for me, when actually, they have no clue. I’m living my life for me and if I’m in love with, or can’t stop thinking about the soul who my heart loves, I AM GOING TO LOVE THEM DESPITE OTHER PEOPLES OPINIONS. I can only live my life for me and I chose my own happiness not the happiness of others because of my choices. I’d follow my heart. Is religion something that’s truly suppose to divide people??

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  14. I do not know who the Spiritualistic Church is, but having two different foundations will make the relationship uneven and unbalanced. There is love and there is attraction the two are separate. Love goes beyond emotions. Scripture talks about being equally yoked. Religion can divide a house but Jesus unites us to Him, and as we draw closer to Him and if the one we chose to marry draws closer to Him we become closer to each other. I do not know if any of this helps. These are just my thoughts.

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