Filthy Sexy Thing

Age restricted

Strictly for adults.

There are a number of filthy things I would love to so to my partner…in as much as I would love them to sound more filthy, trust me, I wonder if I have the nerve to say it all out here…I believe we are all adults here😀

“Baby I  would love you to lick me up and down”

“Touch me here, yes here, deeper…yees! you are my honey boy…”

“I want you, all of you, to fill me completely”

“I want to be your nasty bi–ch all night long”

“Fuck me fucker, turn me inside out, round and round”

There are nastier things I would love to say to him, I’m sorry I can’t share them here, else 😮😮

I would love him to say this to me – sex me baby…ride my brains out, I want to explode in you…


35 thoughts on “Filthy Sexy Thing”

  1. Quality!! I’m gonna have to do my own filthy post now I’ve read this 😳😆😁 My husband doesn’t do dirty chat…wish he did 😂

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  2. I’ve been surprised over the years how many girls like dirty talk. I like it but my friends don’t. They want their partners to be good girls haha. I once said, in the heat of passion, I’m going to “fry” your brains out haha. I think I was thinking about the eggs and bacon I was going to eat after haha. Oops. I don’t think the girl heard. We had a great breakfast!!!

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  3. Lol. ‘fry your brains out’ is definitely cool. Thinking about eggs and bacon is very funny…Haha. Girls do like dirty talk, i don’t think they should be deprived of that. Thanks for your entertaining comment..

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  4. Lol. I think I got your question wrong too. But what I meant is that writing down something erotic; for some people can be cringe worthy and for others it might not be..

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  5. – I think we all have those thoughts in our minds. The reality of things is that it takes one to light up the fire of Kinky Words and actions and it is all down great hill from there.

    summerstartstoshine, if you would like your husband to give you kinky dirty talk.. I suggest that you open that door to him. My wife is not the type of woman who makes kinky comments, but she loves to hear them, specially while I’m seducing her and penetrating her hard and slow.

    We all have a kinky and naughty side, specially guys. It is in our nature.

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