Getting overworked in a relationship

Getting Overworked In A Relationship

People meet each other, some develop attractions and start dating while others don’t but still go ahead onto that path, but realistically do we even really know what we want to achieve from this affair…Or are we just into the dating game to have fun and then move onto the next?

We eventually get overworked in them when we don’t face the facts…Take note of the following before going into a relationship so as to avoid hassles, heartbreak, depression and the likes…

1. Be sincere with yourself, knowing why you want to go into the relationship, what you aim to contribute and achieve.

2. Ensure you and your dating partner are on the same path. This is very essential as it makes the relationship more enjoyable and stressfree.

3. Never let your hopes be high, have a free mind and have fun as desired.

4. Cut down on your demands, it makes you appear desperate when you don’t.

5. Be friends, get to know each other before you start the relationship, ensure it’s someone you can treat like gold and do same to you.

6. While you are still single, prepare yourself, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and domestically because oh boy…You will need those tools.

Your aim is to have a relationship that leads to marriage?

When God knows you are ready for the responsibility of commitment, he will reveal the right person under the right circumstances- thesoul doctor.


Be a blessing to that person you go into a relationship with; not a heartbreaker; not a demon; not a bad story…- eddaz


9 thoughts on “Getting Overworked In A Relationship”

  1. All excellent tips, Eddaz. Another would be to accept the person as they are. So many people go into relationships and see their partner as someone they wish they were. Don’t try to change them.

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  2. Great post!  I agree with all of your tips, especially #2 – many times people believe they can change a person’s way of thinking or expect the other will cave down the line on a certain issue. For example, one of the partners doesn’t want to have children while the other does. A decision has to be made upfront on whether we can live with our partner’s decision if it doesn’t change years later (some do, but others don’t).

    I’d like to add the ability to function well as a TEAM to your list, this definitely makes is to the top of my list. We don’t know what awaits on the journey ahead, but we need to make sure the person we choose to be our partner will be there through thick and thin. People think that fights and disagreements are bad, but we can use those experiences as indicators of how we will work through our challenging moments in the future. Do we come together to fight and save our relationship or do we bolt and abandon our partner when they need us the most? Are we willing to make changes that will improve our relationship and our communication? Do we open ourselves to our partner’s perspective even if we don’t agree?

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