Devastation- Never been asked out by a guy

Devastation- Never Been Asked Out By A Guy

A fully grown woman in all proportions is expected to be asked out by men whether handsome or ugly, tall, short or whatever. It’s rather devastating when a girl of eighteen and above, single, pretty and descent isn’t asked out by any guy but only admired once in a while with kind gestures.

Devastating- Never been asked out by a guy

What could be the problem here? I met with a friend of mine yesterday who introduced me to her younger cousin of twenty-four, pretty girl I must admit. Apparently she has never be asked out by a guy talkless of being kissed😮😮 isn’t that rather ridiculous… Literally she has been missing out on the sumptuous kisses and attention of cute guys.

Devastating- Never been asked out by a guy

Now how do I come in here? I’m supposed to help hook her up with a guy and then I asked her ‘Tell me about yourself’ she goes thus…. “I’m a very shy lady, I love reading, not really the social type, I’m a virgin” but of course she has to be….I mean she has never been asked out except… Honestly, I would prefer not to hook her up but try to help prepare her for the experience of getting herself hooked.

Devastating- never been asked out by a guy

The point here is that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her nature except there must be something she isn’t saying. One thing I noticed about her was that she’s exceptionally shy; in this day and age I haven’t met a guy that wants the shy, innocent mummy’s girl, unfortunately…Technology has changed men and other things. No one wants to hang out with the boring type; also she doesn’t have those attractive smiles that makes a guy pee in his pants…

What should a girl that has never been asked out by a guy do to have them running after her?


9 thoughts on “Devastation- Never Been Asked Out By A Guy”

  1. This can be shocking. I believe you are right about when you said that maybe it’s something she’s not saying that could possibly affect why guys never ask her out. Eventually a nice guy will come her way.

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  2. Well for me I view it differently. If a guy haven’t asked her out yet, it’s not the end of the world. If she focuses on that she will end up miserable and may appear needy and clingy which like you wrote some days ago is not a positive qualities in ladies. Since she’s really the shy type, she should instead focus on improving her social and inter-relational skills. She needs to find groups or friends, go out meet people and work on herself. Push herself and overcome her timidity. In the process, she may end up meeting someone who may even love her the way she is.

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  3. I totally feel youuuu, girl. I’m 24, almost 25 and I’ve been single all my life, and I’ve never been on a date. Haha. This is a great post! Thanks so much for sharing 😊

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  4. I think really beautiful girls can be intimidating to ask out. I mean, put yourself in their shoes! It would be rough to go up to a pretty girl and ask her out, especially since so many girls are harsh with their responses. From my experience, sometimes I had to make the first move. From prom to dating in college, I have had to suggest my feelings for the other person. It’s not fun to do on a regular basis but sometimes if he’s not getting the hint that you like him, you have to step it up.

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