Did I Marry The Wrong Person?

Did I Marry The Wrong Person?

If you have recently found yourself asking the questions, bear in mind that you aren’t alone. Several couples do same. The question is why ask such at this stage of your marriage…

Did you get to know each other very well or was there an oversight? Were you guys true to yourself before eloping? Did the love fail in the middle of the journey? Did you guys loose focus somewhere? Sometimes we see the signs before taking the final decision and sometimes we don’t. Whatever happened; we are just humans.

Did I marry the wrong person?

What went wrong?… Remember when you took the vows, you did it because you were sure he or she was the right person for you until death do you apart…Always know that no one is perfect; don’t become too hard on yourself.

Once you find yourself in this dilemma what should be the next step to take? It’s a very confusing and depressing point in life when this questions start coming up, the feeling of being lost, nowhere to go, not sure who to talk to, not knowing what happened to the lover boy or sweet girl you married…It could be very sad.

One thing is certain…“All hope is not lost”… Everything that has happened in this world has happened before to other people and you won’t be the last it will happen to.

Take heart, pick up the bits and pieces where you left off…Think..It’s either you start afresh since you are already in it or you decide to take the easier step which might be the right or wrong one.

Did I marry the wrong person?

What I would do is to take a leap of faith if I still feel the love deep in my heart as long as it’s not an abusive marriage. To be honest with you if the man is violent with me, then I would definitely take a walk until or if ever he drops the violent nature. Meanwhile I would ensure I stay happy and focused.

It’s surely not an easy stage in life but try to stay strong, talk to trusted ones to free your mind, if you have kids, try to keep them happy and away from whatever drama might be occurring. Whatever you do, make sure you are truly happy doing it.

What would you do in this situation?

12 thoughts on “Did I Marry The Wrong Person?”

  1. If it were me, I’d feel it was time to talk to my S/O. Have a very open and deep convo about how we feel. If I knew he was still fighting for our marriage I would definitely consider marriage counseling. Marriage is not always fun and it’s constant work. Also, sometimes you need an outside professional source that won’t choose sides.
    However, if we both realize we are at a place where we feel things are irretrievably broken then at least being honest and open could be a new start to us agreeing to go your separate ways.

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  2. I’m no psychologist, but I would say you reach these crossroads for one of three reasons. Either you changed, they changed or you both changed. It’s natural that a person will always be somewhat different to who they were ten years ago because people adapt to surroundings and events going on around them. It’s a natural way for a human to defend themselves. Whether those changes affect married life depends entirely on the change. You take a chance no matter who you marry. The test of mental strength is whether you can still love them regardless of the inevitable changes

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  3. Communication – I think a couple has to be able to talk about it. If they can, what is bothering them? Is their S/O willing to work on issues that come up? Do they both feel the relationship is worth saving? I would say, it all starts with the ability to communicate.

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  4. I think in an abusive relationship- to acknowedge that only that person can walk away and leave is so crucial. I think a good prgramme or some councelling could help identify why a person atrracts abusive people or stays in an abusive relationship. Communicating is so important.

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  5. Marriage is hard work. There’s no doubt about it.
    What has me clueless is when a person wants and expects the person to change because they are married.
    You knew the way they were before you married them,
    don’t expect them to change.
    They either had that job, or put their family members first ,or they were not sexual creatures like you, but you chose them anyway. Don’t cry because you expected a different outcome.
    I have to be in a relationship or a marriage that I can be who I’am.

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