What is so special about blogging

What Is So Special About Blogging

When I tell people that I blog, some feel so excited for me while others just don’t understand what I’m getting at. The mystery behind blogging is yet to be discovered by many.

There are so many reasons why people blog…I for instance blog to write my heart out…I love to write my heart out because it elates me just the way music soothes the soul…I want my thoughts to be out there…The words flying around in my heart, head and soul waiting to be unleashed, asking to be free, to inspire, to excite and be analysed by readers.

What is so special about blogging

Blog for the right reasons, when you do it just because others are doing it, then you loose focus easily…Not just that; you get to a certain time and ask yourself “what was I even thinking?”

What is so special about blogging

I blog basically about love. WHY??? Love defines me…I attract love…I live love…I want more of it…I release lots of it into the air that surrounds me…I want people to live in love and enjoy life- eddaz

Blogging isn’t for everyone… But what is special about it is that it makes you find yourself..It stimulates your senses thereby making such an impact hard and relieving enough to create paths of discovery, relief, healing…And for some it’s a source of financial settlement.

Why is blogging so special to you?

20 thoughts on “What Is So Special About Blogging”

  1. I have yet to figure out the why’s. In my “real” life, I’m a loner and, aside from with my wife and closest friends, not really an open book. Here though? In front of however many relative strangers see it? I’ve spilled my guts and discussed things I generally don’t expose to anyone. It’s an odd dichotomy, but I truly enjoy doing this. I call it anonymous courage. 😃

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  2. I’m an amateur radio operator. I’ve chatted with people over the world for the past 27 years. It’s the original social network if you don’t count the cave itching. I recognize my friends by their fists if it’s by Morse and their voices if is by microphone. It’s much the same with blogging – friends meeting friends who have much in common to share with one another.

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  3. While I’m still a baby in the blogging world, I also like to write my heart out. I find it wonderful to meet new people , share new and like experiences and honestly it’s like a cheaper version of therapy 🙏🏻❤️👋🏻. Love the post and can’t wait to see what others say!

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  4. That’s the wierdest thing about it. One feels safer blogging personal life to friends you make through the blog than in real life, I think it’s because we have people here always ready and willing to listen and share genuine thoughts without being judged. Thanks for reading💝

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  5. Great!! 27 years is a very long time, obviously it’s fun to do…I have also met friends here through blogging and believe me they have been great and sometimes I wish I could meet some of them in the physical. I appreciate your comment💞


  6. Yes Keri you have a lot to say and I love everyone of it. It’s been great reading and sharing your blog posts…Very inspiring piece to read. Thanks for your beautiful comment💕

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  7. I had a MySpace account, didn’t really dig it. I had a Facebook account, kept getting in trouble for speaking my mind haha. Started a band and became semi-successful on the local scene but then that came to an end. I revitalised my childhood hobby of collecting and painting little plastic men and my friend suggested I do a blog about them. Now I’ve found a lovely little niche for myself to talk to like minded people about a hobby. I’ve laughed, learned and expressed all through the power of “the blog”. Along the way I’ve discovered other blogs I’m interested in such as yours 😊

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  8. You are so lucky to have found your niche finally…It’s very hard for some to get it. It’s fulfilling as well to have like minded people read along and appreciate your thoughts and efforts. I’m glad you find my blog interesting, thanks.

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  9. It’s special for me because it provides a judgment-free outlet…honestly… also gives the creative space as needed… and I learn… really learn from others through blogging

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