When you find yourself hopelessly in love

When You Find Yourself Hopelessly In Love

Love comes, it goes, comes again; like a fairy-tale we find ourselves engulfed in it, wrapped up in it like a coven. Wondering how we ended up in that situation…This is how we feel when we are hopelessly in love.

When you find yourself hopelessly in love

Have you felt that way? I mean seriously…Felt like you are the definition of love. And then miraculously when we get disentangled from it, especially from the wrong kinda love.. we feel free and delivered, only to find it hiding in another corner, about to jump right at us like it’s Spider-Man…

Hopelessly in love

Honestly sometimes I hate love but when it jumps and glues to my heart I feel so safe in it until it turns sour.

I don’t want to be hopelessly in love with the wrong partner…I want to be hopelessly but wisely in love with the right one…This is what we need to do to get our games right. That’s if we can control it though!

I once had a friend that said he was hopelessly in love with his girlfriend and unfortunately for him, she didn’t give a damn…Yet this guy kept on loving her until one day the love detached from his heart somehow and when the girl realised that her boyfriend had regained his freedom. She started to have panic attack which somehow got love glued to her and then she became hopelessly in love with him…Luckily for her, she had a man with a beautiful soul who never took advantage of her nor break her heart.

When you find yourself hopelessly in love

What do you do when you are hopelessly in love?




16 thoughts on “When You Find Yourself Hopelessly In Love”

  1. I loved this post (no pun intended) I’ve felt like the definition of love before and felt so high off that feeling that even the bad times felt good.

    I’ve since left that relationship but never forgot the feeling… Until I was able to love again, with the right person.

    Great post ❤️

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  2. When you’re hopelessly in love, you die a million deaths, and cry a million tears. And you continue to do so, until you’re so defeated, that there’s no where to go from there, except away from the person you’ve been loving. ❤️

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  3. When I was hopelessly in love it felt like I was dying but by resisting it nothing was changing so I started to imagine how I would like it to be… if you move your attention from what is painful towards what would feel good incredible things can happen

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  4. Thanks for loving my post😊 I agree with you that such relationships felt really good even in bad times like toxic..Loving the right person is just what is truly deserved.

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  5. Good point! Focusing the mind on what you truly want can bring incredible results which I have tried before but takes so much courage, determination and patience. Thanks for the inspiring contribution 😉

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  6. Hopelessly in love? It’s a place you don’t to be in and it’s quite akin to obsession. It’s an emotional torture especially when it’s to the wrong person. To break free, only you can break yourself free from it, you have to find a way, though it can be very hard, to tell yourself you deserve to be loved too. But when two of you are hopelessly in love with each other, it’s heavenly bliss on earth.

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  7. I prefer heavenly bliss on earth😍😍 that’s the kind of love everyone desires to have. Hopelessly in love with the wrong person is turmoil😮. Thanks for your contribution dear😘

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  8. To be honest with you, what you’re describing is not love, in my opinion. I’ve felt this, at least 5 times. I thought, “How lucky am I, to have experienced love so many times.” And then I met my husband and my world turned upside down. It felt NOTHING like the other times, and this time it was solid, we were just Connected and I realized I had never truly felt love. Love is something we’re so taught to seek we often miss the right answer forcing the wrong one, and will never know unless we slow down and give the real thing a chance to happen. People get jaded and think love doesn’t exist when what they thought was love fails again and again. I tell you now, if it’s live it won’t fail. There’s a reason my husband is my husband.
    Shout out to your inclusion of my favorite Queen song!

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  9. That’s what my point is, no one should be In that position, it’s the wrong kind of love since obviously it’s for the wrong person. The second to the last paragraph lays emphacies on that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate 💝


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