Why we are dating less in the real world

Why We Are Dating Less In The Real World

Dating is becoming more stressful, tell me otherwise…Heartbreak here and there, disappointment, lies, lack of trust, catfishing…yeah right…catfishing but unfortunately people are dating less in the real world of meeting for the first time instead people are starting to meet online which has led to the risk of catfishing but what are we left with?

Knowing about a person online before showing interest seems emotionally comfortable for lots of people. Post your profile, pictures, hobbies, etcetera etcetera…if you don’t like your match move on quickly before developing unessecessary ties. If you are lucky to meet a good match, do a deep research before taking the next stage. It’s tough doing this in the real world cause emotional ties would have been developed already and gets sickening when you can’t break off without feeling weak.

-I personally tried online dating which was way safer for me, call it what you like but I was never catfished, maybe because I was smart about it or call it ‘lucky me.’

-It’s easier to dig around online before finally meeting the person and cutting off the friendship as soon as possible.

-We are dating less in the real world because from various researches, online dating has paid off for many, and me inclusive, although some have been unlucky; apparently is expected.

– its easier not to develop emotional ties which happens too often in the real world.

-From my own perspective dating less in the real world has more advantages than meeting people face to face. Although I might be wrong, I believe if you are smart about it, it would definitely be worth the effort.

Kindly contribute your opinion, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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26 thoughts on “Why We Are Dating Less In The Real World”

  1. I think that the on-line aspect affords one the ability to communicate without pretense. Having just your words and thoughts impact the other person. That is a good foundation for a relationship, as opposed to the primary physical attraction. However, what I don’t like about on-line dating is that it kills romance. I love the spontaneity of meeting someone by accident. The first surprise look into someone’s eyes. Online dating, in someways, is like buying a car. You go to the dealership, you negotiate, you buy the car. You might get at the same destination, but the process is so clinical.

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  2. Thanks for reading and contributing your opinion Rob. You are right about the spontaneity aspect, there are always disadvantages to online and real life dating and this is surely one of them.

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  3. I’m just glad to no longer be out there. From the stories I’ve read and been told, dating sucks right now. And on-line dating sounds horrible. I can’t think of many things I’d rather do less.

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  4. 😀it’s sucks real bad now, I don’t know what the world has turned into but I’m glad I’m no longer out there too, although I’m still dating my husband 😁 but in a different and more loving way. Thanks for reading and contributing dear💞

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  5. Whatever relationship may be at hand whether it be meeting someone for the first time, dating, friendship, partnerships or marriage, unless you are looking into their eyes there is something seriously missing.

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  6. Ive found deeper connections both online and in the real world. I personally favor meeting people online because it is relatively easier for them to open up. I have been told I am quite intimidating and I fear that usually pushes people to act differently when they see me in person. Lol online it is (for me) but as you said, there are notable pros to meeting people in person.

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  7. All people want now a days are easy hook ups. Nobody wants to talk real. Dating on internet is real a e-commerce site. You chose your person, you know them like reading specifications on an online store, if you like them you meet them or you move on to the next. It makes me sad because I’m more of a real life dating person but I guess there aren’t much people now who wants to date and get feelings.

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  8. Yes very sad…I’m certain you will meet the right person for you with same stand, be it in person or on internet. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts💞


  9. This online thing wasn’t available when I married each of my three husbands. If it had been, it might have saved me a lot of grief and hardship. But I’ve been happily married now for nearly twenty-six years, and if something ever happened to my beloved, I think I would be afraid to try it. I certainly wouldn’t want to be lonely, although I can’t imagine any other relationship living up to this one. I think it’s too risky for me.

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  10. Yeah, Especially from people traveling in and out the area. Everything moves so fast now. If I was single and had a lot of free time it would b nice to get to know some people but too many priorities these days. 🙂

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  11. Catfishing is becoming more common unfortunately. There are steps you can take and things you can look out for (you can read more in my blog too) but some people are very good liars and you don’t always know for sure. Stay safe out there!

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  12. thats an interesting point of view. honestly ive come to find that the cause of all our problems is insecurity. we are all in this pool of insecurity unfortunately although there are levels of intensity. self confidence is something that is practiced not an innate gift or talent that only jocks and cheerleaders possess. We often hold ourselves back in very practical ways as well if we are very honest with ourselves we will find that we have a lot of small habits that are killing us. Hygiene, rest, diet; a little more attention to these things will go a long way. I used to be very sloppy in the way i dressed particularly and that was a big vibe killer when it came to the attraction meter. Girls who already knew me knew i was great but the new ones werent moved because they hadnt met me but had already judged me. So help yourself. Give yourself the confidence to date the right way, the beautiful way. Heres a few tips that i have put together that can help you. Just follow this link.


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