The Craving Mind

The Craving Mind

Their soul burn with raging fire

so they are consumed in a vacuum.

Craving they cannot control

but accept enthusiastically, thinking it’s a release.

The desires of the galvanizing heart;

death knocks in pitch black;

power of darkness sway in fashion;

In elegance, it persuades for vitality;

Our body is channeled in a style that craving is unavoidable. When you do a soul-searching, you realize there is something you desire so bad… whatever it is; however, it affects your innermost being, depends on the manner you control your hunger for it.

Whether it’s for sex, gambling, food, drugs, liquor, dead iced water, money, material objects no matter what your craving is, don’t be too hard on yourself, the first, second to the most recent generation have been there.

Mine was for alcohol, I took years to break off; it wasn’t an easy journey; I wanted more; I was at that point of no return… I thought I could never check it much less quit, but YES I gave up on it.

However how tough to contain a craving, one most important thing you should know is that, stopping or controlling it won’t kill you. It’s a thing of the mind when you think you can’t stop. It’s harmful to your health depending on the addiction.

Second, remind yourself that God loves you; love yourself… all other solution will surface even without a psychological help.

How do you control your cravings? 



10 thoughts on “The Craving Mind”

  1. This is really powerful. Nice work on dealing with your craving. It is so challenging to deal with addiction. Mine would probably be food, emotional eating, and self-sabotage…

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  2. This is a beautiful message as usual ❤️❤️ I would never be able to overcome my craving without God’s gracious help and keeping busy. It used to be cigarettes! One day I reflected on the possible damage my developing behavior would have had to my health and overall well-being. Then I wondered if I was ready to live with the consequences and I wasn’t. I quit and every time I thought of smoking I’d make a cup herbal tea since then I haven’t smoked and I don’t miss it 😅

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  3. Thanks for sharing your experience faith, I really appreciate your sincerity. Truly it’s usually by God’s grace to overcome an addiction and loving oneself as you have. I’m glad you succeeded, very happy for you😊💖 I love the idea of the herbal tea, sounds good😉❤

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  4. Hi Eddaz,

    There is something inside me that cries out for failure. It wants me to feed my flesh and to never think about the consequences.
    Once I learned and admitted that I was powerless over it, then I was able to surrender to the Power greater than it…God!

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