How do I overcome pain of rejection

How Do I Overcome Pain Of Rejection

I know how it feels to be rejected because it’s like being stabbed. The pain is so intense; you feel the urge to close your eyes and end it right there. I’ve been turned down many times in my life, in all areas such as in relationships, educational affairs, friendship…. name it. Not that they hated me but life has a way of pushing us around to mold us together to become stronger, independent, upright and be who we should be.

The pain of rejection is something we have all felt on many occasions, no matter how much we try to avoid it, trust me it’s inevitable and then we ask ‘why me’??

We feel rejected when we underestimate ourselves,

Have high expectations from people,

Have low esteem and fear criticism…

All this is normal but when it keeps going on in a vicious circle, then I would say “that’s bad for your health.” No one is built in perfection but everyone has the space to accept good, sensible correction to be a better person.

To overcome the pain of rejection is one of the most difficult things to do but I conquered it and there’s been no turning back. I’ve discovered the freedom of expression it brings, confidence in love affairs, the charisma that attracts genuine people and success.

How do I overcome pain of rejection

In a short sentence, to overcome the pain of rejection and flee from it – DEFINE WHO YOU ARE…

Caring about what people think of you is useless.

Most people don’t even know what they think of themselves.

– Sonya Teclai


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25 thoughts on “How Do I Overcome Pain Of Rejection”

  1. Great write up.

    I may the odd bird, but rejection doesn’t pain me so…I consider it my learning curve, or that arena a poor match for myself.

    Rejection doesn’t need to be a failure, but an opportunity. Grow from it. If not, it’s a missed chance to prevail.

    Better yourself with each submission and each rejection. The acceptance will come.

    Thank you for the reminder we all get the silent “no”.

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  2. Rejection hurts and it never gets easier to hear in the initial circumstance. It’s how you deal with it afterwards that shapes you. Like you, I’ve been rejected several times for several things by several people. Love interests, job applications, my writing (not just refusals from agents, but people I know rejecting my writing via ignorance), etc. I still take rejection personally, but I’m trying to cope with the aftermath better than I used to and learn lessons from rejection rather than beat myself up over it.

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  3. Yes I sure do know what you mean…dealing with it is what shapes you like you said. Rejection is painful and usually takes a long time to deal with. Thanks again for sharing your honest thoughts Paul, I do learn a lot from them😊💖


  4. I recently heard that Rejection is actually an inherent threat- almost as intense as threat to your life… think of the tribes and communities long ago- if you were cast out, you would literally die… (lack of food/resources/shelter)…. so any kind of rejection can bring up intimate fear and pain…

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