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My Heart’s Racing




That’s the way you make me feel inside




That’s how you make me distinguish you

My heart’s racing

You are provoking sensations

My heart’s pounding

Inspire me with your mind-blowing touch

I want to reach the pinnacle of desire…

My sensuality is craving your touch….

I am Burning! Burning! Burning….

On fire for my addiction of you….

Your deep rich essence…

                                  It’s making my heart race…..

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My Magical Powers

It happened when I least expected, knowing when I was fourteen years of age that there was something strange about me, initially, it felt erotic, who would think floating in the air could feel that way.

I can see beyond, far and wide, above the earth, in the air, I feel things people dare not, I see things people never will, call me crazy…I call myself weird. It happens only in the dead of the night. When it starts, everyone close to my room, or inside my room instantly fall deeply asleep never to witness the phenomenon. And they wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and stronger than usual.

I heal anyone that sleeps in the same house as me so along as I float in the air, consider yourself lucky if you happen to spend the night in the same place I do. No one knows but me and me. My magical powers usually live me drained in the morning, my skin looking colorless seeking for nourishment, momentarily I would stumble out of bed to the lake outside my home into the cold water to bath and quench my thirst for the evangelistic reawakening of my body and soul.

My magical powers, my greatest treasure…


Image Credit: Pixabay


The Original Man I Await

I find it intricately erotic when I have an encounter with a man who is sincere, tactically detailed, ready to please a woman.

Originality is in him who takes me to the highest land of pleasure and fulfillment. Where is the woman that says ‘Rock me! Rock me! Rock me baby!’ ; Here is the man that says, ‘I shall rock you anywhere and anyhow you wish me to’.

An original man might be hard to find but he’s out there waiting, steadily moving, taking steps of assurance, full of charisma, willing to please; to fulfill the hunger in the thirsty woman; to lighten the world of the darkened heart of the damsel; to shout hallelujah I have finally found her- eddaz.

Who is the original man I await? The one who will conquer my hard stricken heart. The one who will set me on fire of intimacy. The one who will make me understand the true meaning of ‘A man in love’ The scented man of the male specie that will rock me in his arms, make me feel safe; by all odds I would love to sing hallelujah with him.