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My Magical Powers

It happened when I least expected, knowing when I was fourteen years of age that there was something strange about me, initially, it felt erotic, who would think floating in the air could feel that way.

I can see beyond, far and wide, above the earth, in the air, I feel things people dare not, I see things people never will, call me crazy…I call myself weird. It happens only in the dead of the night. When it starts, everyone close to my room, or inside my room instantly fall deeply asleep never to witness the phenomenon. And they wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and stronger than usual.

I heal anyone that sleeps in the same house as me so along as I float in the air, consider yourself lucky if you happen to spend the night in the same place I do. No one knows but me and me. My magical powers usually live me drained in the morning, my skin looking colorless seeking for nourishment, momentarily I would stumble out of bed to the lake outside my home into the cold water to bath and quench my thirst for the evangelistic reawakening of my body and soul.

My magical powers, my greatest treasure…


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Discover The Treasure In You

A fortune lies deep within

that needs to be triggered

And jolted out for us to discover it.

Release yourself to the

atmosphere of life imperatives,

let go of the springs pulling you

back from breaking forth.

Discover the treasure In you.

Look at your destination closely and ask yourself, “Am I making progress? Do I feel that I’m on the right path?” Once you are able to answer these questions and you are satisfied with the answers, then you are good to go. However, if you cannot answer these questions, don’t be deterred. Keep searching till you locate the door that will open you up to greatness. Regardless of how long it takes, do not settle for less; you must find satisfaction in the things you do or keep searching. If you are persistent, you will surely get there- Unveil The Eagle

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Conquered Fear To Love Again

The fears are gone;

the walls have thought me

to stand alone and be strong;

I have the foresight to see that

beautifully adorned treasure even

when it’s coming from afar. 

Love finds it’s way quietly into our life when we least expect it; it blossoms beautifully like a rose flower. We become weak with the desire to please and be loved, there ain’t nothing bad about that especially if it’s two sided but when it’s one sided, anguish sets in.

However I don’t want to discuss the anguish side of it. Let’s talk about the love that exists between two partners. I have written topics about love a couple of times, also situations drifting around it but  I’ve I really felt it? Yes I have! ‘IN AND OUT’. I’ve seen the up’s and down’s of it, the beauty and ugliness of it. I have felt the thorns go deep into my skin.

I have reached a stage in my life that as a woman I need to break down the walls that have surrounded my heart against predators, these walls have been my best friends, my lover, everything one can ever ask for, but not the real love that exists between a man and a woman. I can feel it knocking on my door which is getting louder by the day. I want to let it in. Those thoughts of perfection that can never be realised in the opposite sex seeking for Mr All and Mighty have stopped existing.The doors to let the imperfect man come in is set. That man knocking unrelentingly on the door, the one that wants to be given a chance to love me, to show me how it is to be cared for by a real man.

Walk in through the walls

that have been brought down,

walk on the floor of banquet,

rebuild a wall that does not shut out,

plant again the roses of love that befits a queen.

Your highness! seek, wait and be given.

Take, keep and care for it.

once it’s time for harvest,

we shall all be fulfilled forever.


Image Credit: Pinterest