Sleep with my best friend's husband?

Sleep with My Best Friend’s Husband?

We are all faced with tough decisions in life, some that will take us to the next top level and others might lead to our downfall. This scenario is the case of Benedict; she has asked a question that will determine the next phase of her life.

Benedict’s Story goes thus: I am a single lady and foreigner in another country. I have been in there for close to a year. I have suddenly gotten to cross roads where due to certain reasons I overstayed, and cannot go back to my country but live and survive in this foreign land. Now my best friend’s husband has taken it upon himself to assist me, but of course on one condition, that I must warm his bed anytime he requests, else he will not help me any longer, even so, he will  report my status to the authorities.

I owe my friend a lot as we are childhood friends, I don’t want to betray her trust,but apparently not sleeping with her husband might cost me a lot, he also warned me not to expose his conversation with me to his wife. I am currently at a pressure point that weighs me down each time I think about it and time is not friendly at the moment.

Angry womanI sometimes wish I could tear him apart with my bear hands and move on with my life elsewhere, but I patently cannot do that. I don’t want to harm my bestie’s marriage either, but I truly wish I could end up doing that just to set her free from this maniac of a man she is tied to.

In what manner do I handle this situation as it requires just one decision to set me free from this entanglement?

My opinion: If I were a baddest girl, as in ‘sassy’, then I would sleep with her husband and get what I want….Oops–did i just write that?? I would suggest she stays far way from that family and look for help elsewhere to put an end to all this dilemma…. I know life is not a bed of roses. Notwithstanding, I think men like this ought to be taught one or two lessons to put them back on track.



Your kind comments and suggestions are welcome.

42 thoughts on “Sleep with My Best Friend’s Husband?”

  1. She must not sleep with him! If she is worried about being deported then she needs to deal with that via the proper channels. If it’s never resolved then she’ll perhaps often get into this position with people abusing their power because she is vulnerable. She needs get far from him and accept that she has to abide by the law, hard as that may be.

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  2. I think you shouldn’t sacrifice your self respect for anything. Tell that man that if he reports you to the authorities then you’ll tell your friend about what he asked you to do. So I guess that way he won’t report you and you won’t ruin your friend’s marriage as well.

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  3. As I read the story, one thing that came to mind is the typical way evil people try to put you in a tight corner with no option or way out. I’ve leant that when you are courageous enoughto call their bluff, you find that they never had any power to hold you down.

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  4. Benedict must feel truly powerless to have to be faced with such a choice. I hope she is able to find some other GOOD Samaritan that will help her stay in the country without having to pay such a cost.

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  5. It is people like this man that can make something as beautiful as making love such an evil experience. She must not cave to his manipulation. I would tell him no, and then tell his wife.

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  6. You are so right Rob. Such a thing can be compared to making love where a relationship should be enjoyed, and not endured or made to suffer. Thanks for your kind comment💖

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  7. It’s a difficult situation for this lady….keep urself in her position….she is entangled in loss-loss situation for her….retaliating will lead her to no where….accepting his indecent proposal will lead her to no where…I am confused…..I am also sorry for her since she will lose her battle anyway….

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  8. WOW! At first glance it definitely seems like a lose-lose situation, her options are extremely saddening, and because whatever choice she makes will bring tremendous repercussions. She has her heart in her hand because someone wants to take advantage of her situation.

    Let’s say she complied with this horrible request. She might be able to stay in the country for an uncertain period of time, but she would betray a friend who extended her home to her as refuge, that would permanently close the door on the friendship, and she would be responsible for destroying her friend’s marriage – acting on her own interest instead of proceeding with dignity. Aside from committing a horrible offense, how does she know that this is the ONLY request he will make? Once she’s crossed that line he can now use their intimacy against her to further her imprisonment and add to the list of his demands. Once she’s betrayed her friend she can basically expect to have to find a way out on her own.

    She can still expose this man, should that be what she wants to do, without being intimate with him. She could record their conversation and play it for his wife, allow his wife to make a decision. She may become upset with her friend and kick her out anyway, as people don’t always think rationally when it comes to a broken heart, but she can sleep at night knowing she did the right thing. Allow God to open doors for her no man can shut, but she needs to be right with God, herself, and friends. I always recommend having a clear conscious in life, moving forward without regrets, and not intentionally participating in something that one knows is morally incorrect.

    Best of luck!

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