Over the years, there has been a saying that ” If you want a woman to comply to your requests, try using flattery to persuade her.” Really I wonder if every or any man can get away with this with all women. It may have worked a couple of times, in fact it has worked 98 percent of the time used.  Flattery plays well with women. YES!  But it doesn’t sit still. She will always refer back to it.

Hank Ketcham- Flattery is like chewing gum. Enjoy it, but don’t swallow it.

Perhaps women have been complying with this over the years.

Flattery is the worst and fastest way of showing our esteem – Jonathan Swift

Flattery is a form of positive energy which men use to compliment or entice women when they need an instant result from them; it’s usually used instead of enforcing them to bend to their will.

Forms of Flattery used on women by men:

  • Men flatter women with words, lies, compliments and gestures.
  • Listening attentively to a woman talk for hours, even when she sounds very boring.
  • Pretending to have turned a new leaf by acting like a saint or being over sincere.
  • Showing interests in her accomplishments even if they make no sense to him.

A woman care about actions more than words, empty juicy flattery with nothing to back it up will only get her to pay attention initially, but will not go too far with her.