When is the right time to introduce my boyfriend

When Is The Right Time To Introduce My Boyfriend

It bugs me each time I meet a new guy in my life and then he says to me ‘I would like to know some of your friends or siblings’…Men are known for their hmmm😓 funny attitudes especially in the dating field.

It might also be the other way round…They want to meet him😓😓 and then he turns out to be a moron…

When do i introduce my boyfriend

What if I introduce him to my innermost world of friends or family today and he jilts me tomorrow😮 how would my loved ones feel? They are usually very sensitive about what goes on in our life. Is it timely?


What do I say to them? And then the next guy comes along and then another and another..What the hell??

Kindly share your opinion on the right time to introduce my boyfriend…


20 thoughts on “When Is The Right Time To Introduce My Boyfriend”

  1. I wanted to meet my wife’s family as soon as I could but they live interstate and work commitments meant we had to wait nearly 12 months to meet them all (although I did meet one sister only three months after we started going out).

    One of my girl friend’s mum was a psycho, it was in the days before the internet and especially technically knowledgeable mums, but she kept files of all her kids partners. Her theory was that if it ever got to a stage that kids came along she had a file of bad stuff to prove the partner incompetent and unable to look after the kids. She was a joy to be around 🙂

    So I guess like above my answer is only you can answer that 🙂

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  2. I am in the same boat as you, I think how you introduce him is key. If things aren’t so serious , Make the introduction casual , wayyyyyyyy casual and if they get more serious your friends and family are finally going to know him.

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  3. I think it depends on a lot of things – what is your relationship with your siblings, and how accepting is your family of your boyfriends? How close have you become to him, and do you think they’d get along?
    For me, introducing a boy to my parents is almost never okay to do, as they’re pretty much against me dating, even at 20. When I have someone that I’m spending so much time with and bonding so well with, however, then it’s almost instinctive to introduce him to my friends and my sister pretty soon. Both parties already know a lot about the other, since I tend to share a lot with people I get close to, so they also generally have an idea of how well they might like each other and get along. And so that influences, for instance, why my boyfriend is closer to some of my friends than to others.
    As the other comment said though, when it comes to your specific case, you’re probably the best person to decide. And if you’re still confused, be open with everyone involved – ask them if they’d like to meet, and try and plan it in a way that everyone is happy!

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  4. Show your relationship on Facebook first. Tell him to share on his page and his parents first. If he’s open to that then there’s 75% surety that he’s serious with you.
    Loving a person and marrying a person are two different things. After marriage its all about how the person is on his day to day life. So look all angles other than love too. Best of Luck.
    Do see my blog http://www.saintmonk.com as I will be posting articles on weddings and qualities to look at before getting married. Anyways.. I m following your blog from now.

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  5. That sounds like a very good idea. Thanks for your contribution. You sure are right about marriage been two different things..It’s for life. I will surely visit your blog, right now I’ve followed back💕

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