Good girl turns bad

Good Girl Turns Bad

The good girl only wants to be happy

She was created soft and to just be herself

With an open mind, she sees the world

As a place to love, share, care and live

To bring beauty into the space and spice it up

But of course she gets muddled up

Good girl turn baf

Back in the days when love and respect existed, there was happiness although very few heartbreaks here and there, probably due to family issues.

Good girls were everywhere for the taking to be baptised into marriage and marital life had a path, not so rosy sometimes but it existed.

But now see what we have; all girls have turned bad except a few of us…haha yes I’m one of them good girls…

Dating and marital life is now easily compared to hell in most cases.


Why have they turned bad?

Heartbreak, denial, lies, deception, rejection, sexual harassment at work place, home, name it…

Turned the light into darkness

Dampening their souls

They cry hard when alone

Afraid to live again, to face the world

Hard to love again but to pretend and hurt more.

Do I blame them? NO!! But…

Let’s not allow bitterness creep into our soul..each time we fall, we must rise again to be stronger and wiser so that the generation of good girls that once existed can be back again to retain sunshine- eddaz

18 thoughts on “Good Girl Turns Bad”

  1. Rob you are also right.society encompasses everything. Things happening keep happening and become accepted eventually and then we evolve and then miss the path in the process.

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  2. Part of the problem nowadays is that women are claiming to like a bad boy. This is causing more and more men to become such a thing. That, in turn, is creating bad girls. Never has it been less popular to be a good, wholesome person in respect to love and relationships.

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  3. Lol. So true but Paul I don’t like bad boys😀 I like good men that are full of fun and effects…must also understand that women deserve respect. I can’t speak for all women but one thing that’s certain is that women dont want ‘all the way boring men’. And unfortunately the bad boys keep giving it. Thanks for your contribution once again.


  4. No, I can tell you aren’t into bad boys. Obviously there are many women out there who are looking for good guys. They’re still out there, but they don’t make themselves readily available. Bad boys do because all they care about is sex. They can’t get sex by being a wallflower. That’s why it seems like the only guys available are bad boys. The dating/relationship game is an extremely tough one. I have no doubt you’ll find your prince in amongst the frogs before you know it 🙂

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  5. Today, the ring quickly becomes a fashion accessory statement. It’s similar to a window dressing ornament at the local mall. People tend to come together for the wrong reasons and for seasons. We tend to be quick to give up and place our hands over our heads and throw in the towel.

    The day of Nana and Papa are long behind us. No more marriages lasting for more than 50 years. Many find it hard to get along for 50 minutes. Not many people are retiring. Corporations hiring part time. Layoffs, divorce and abortion are the common norm, sadly. Society confuse our collective purpose and lead many astray to find their way in the wilderness.

    The good girl who turns bad gives birth to a new nation which has become strange fruit. Some people must avoid educating the snake. For that snake will grow feet and sprout wings.


    Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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