When He Cares But Not Ready

I’ve sometimes wondered about this type of men that show women they care about them but say it out so blatantly that they aren’t ready for a commitment and then this type of man that wants to get a girl pregnant before he decides to marry her. Life is a wierd dude…. ain’t it? I was at the salon and heard a group of friends talk about this men in their life.

Guy A.

He’s a cool guy, doing fine in his career, responsible, funny, shows support to the girl he cares about, treats her with respect and not a player but not sure if he is ready to get committed by going into a relationship with her, doesn’t even care much about getting sex or not. Beeps her when she goes quiet.

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My opinion is that this guy has a phobia of some sort. But what can a girl do with this type of guy?

Guy B.

He’s got good career, hardworking bad ass guy, good looking, searching for a girl to get pregnant before he decides to get married to her considering the fact that he has tried lots of girls that haven’t been able to give him one. Lol…even though he already has a kid almost out of college.

He cares but not ready

My opinion is that I’m clueless to what this guy really wants. Or maybe he’s just damn old school.

What’s your opinion about this two guys?

30 thoughts on “When He Cares But Not Ready”

  1. The first guy isn’t unusual. The second? Why the duck would he want to have a child with someone he’s not either in a long-term relationship with or married to? He won’t have custody, at least not full-time and he’ll be paying child support out the ass. The second scenario makes ZERO sense to me. Is this common now?

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  2. First of all, I don’t know anyone that wants to get anyone pregnant before agreeing to commitments. There may be some careless people whose intent is sex, but ends up with parenthood. 😀

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  3. Yes the first guy isn’t unusual but what the heck could a guy like that be scared of…second scenario I think will get common soon. Lol. Because he’s obviously been doing it and getting away with it. Thanks for commenting dear.

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  4. Lol. Rob I think that guy is a serial impregnating machine😁 or he’s taking pills with the intention to sleep with them and not get them pregnant😁 and keeps doing it day, night and everyday…until the girl gets frustrated. Thanks for your sharing your opinion💖

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  5. They were experiences being shared by group of friends…these are obviously what women go through. Sad…thanks for sharing your thoughts Tea and Tales 💞

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  6. My opinion:
    Guy A has big emotional problems, not connected to his heart nor soul, it’s like a robot.
    Guy B – never heard about it, more difficult to guess but maybe he has a fear of engagement and looks for some kind of security or doesn’t know how to be close to someone without an external link (child)

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  7. Love it now thanks for your contribution, that’s definitely a big one On guy A and I agree with you. You could be right about guy B too, didn’t think of it that way. Have a great day💖

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  8. I don’t date. I’m too busy working two full time gigs.

    This is an interesting and questionable interest of men on the woman’s part. Guy A has another man on his mind and hasn’t come out fully. Some women like the idea of having a girlfriend and a boyfriend all wrapped up into one. To them it’s having the best of both worlds. Guy B is a fuck boy. This is what this type does. Some women think they can change this guy mainly because he looks good. He’ll lick your girlfriend as soon as you turn your back.

    Neither Guy A or Guy B reflect the ability to be there for the long haul. However, there’s nothing wrong with Guy A or Guy B. They’re who they are and it’s plain to see. The woman chose these types and then complain about them. It’s the woman who has to choose differently and more wisely.

    Now on one hand there’s the reality of… “When a child becomes a security blanket for a man”

    Then there’s the dreadful choice… “To purchase a lemon and find out later the candy shop is closed”

    Let’s not forget the old worn out cliché… ”To have his cake and eat it too” If it’s his cake why can’t he eat it? It belongs to him. What is he supposed to do, hold it or just look at it? Should he put it in his pocket? Should he watch the ice cream melt? What’s waste of good cake.

    So, it seems this is a topic of “Commitment”. Marriage has become a business agreement so let’s look at it from another point of view. Do corporation’s want to commit long term to their employees? How many people do you know retire from one job after 20+ years? Do corporations want to payout and match 401K’s and health insurance? Why hire full-time when you can hire part-time. Cheap labor is the way to go. Today it’s called out sourcing. Why would a relationship between a woman and a man be any different?


    Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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  9. You should write more often, you write well

    Guy A:
    My view he has fear of going forward with her, because with it, will come responsibility of making a relationship work..
    Something along similar lines I use to behave, girls were attracted and wanted to go out with me but I avoided asking them out because I fear or had anxiety of taking her out, being charming and nice, etc..

    Guy B
    This is not that difficult if any one has read stuff on evolutionary biology.
    Men want to impregnate as many women they can so that they can spread their seed far and wide. But at the same time not be provider to them as it will weigh very heavy on him..

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  10. Guy B seems a bit difficult in my opinion
    Guy A seems like he might have been through something that’s holding him back

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  11. Pratseek That’s so nice of you to say. Thanks a lot for the compliment and I appreciate you sharing your experience. Enjoy your weekend, although it’s almost over😀


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