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When I write, I usually have this intriguing smile on my face I usually don’t know why that happens but I seem to enjoy it. I love to pour my heart out most times, but I find it difficult editing my own blog posts, hence, I’ve realized once in a while I just need to do so because I like Perfection, even though I’m not there yet. There are some certain distractions so captivating that I just find it difficult to write down my thoughts.

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The biggest distractions are…..

Movies….work stress….reading…Swagbucks…Social media

YES….they are my issues yet some of them are useful in helping me with thought sharing. Take for instance movies; it’s my favorite hobby, it inspires, relaxes, as a result, distracts me from timely writing.

I need to make money outside my blog, I got bills to pay, so work stress interferes a lot and gives me hard time visiting WordPress but I’m doing all I can to keep it checked.

Reading takes time and after I’m done reading books or other blog posts, I would be dead tired to write which I find distracting sometimes but nevertheless, I get to learn from other blogger’s posts consequently making friends through WordPress.

Yayyyy Swagbucks…I’m a survey freak and through Swagbucks, I’ve been able to earn lots of gift cards and bought so many things for myself just by doing surveys, trust me it takes a lot of time so you know what I mean.

Finally, social media….twitter, facebook, Pinterest, Instagram; time killers and distracting, on the other hand, this tools are the perfect combination for my blog.

However, amidst all my distractions I’m glad that I still find time to write.

So what are your distractions from writing blog posts?

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16 thoughts on “Distractions From Writing On My Blog”

  1. Hey Eddaz, with so many things going on – you’re doing a terrific job! We share some distractions like work stress, swagbucks (lol!). For me the main distraction is that there’s sometimes so much to write about, you dont know where and when to start!

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  2. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience Vasil and it’s funny we share same distractions especially swagbucks 😀😀. True there’s so much to write about so what I do is jot a few of my thoughts down, save in drafts and go back to it later to write on it. It’s good to know I’m not the only one with such distractions ☺

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  3. Gosh eddaz turns out we share some distractions mentioned. It’s interesting we can still write at all with them interfering Lol. Great post, Keep it up!!

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  4. Thanks City..sure is interesting how we get to write😀 and live at same time, I guess that’s what makes us human and to keep living. I appreciate your kind words and have yourself a great weekend💞

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