Healthy Lifestyle of a Writer

Writing is interesting, captivating, and for one full of so many ideas, you want to reach out to the world to express yourself, encourage people to read your stories. It’s exciting but to be honest, you end up drained. We writers go as far as neglecting our writing pad for weeks, months, not to mention bloggers with excellent ideas also get to sense the pressure.

Writers are human too, life gets in the way, which usually emanate from family responsibilities, official duties, health disorder, even relationships you need to take cover from, name it!

Whether you are a blogger, journalist, student, copywriter, whoever you are, good health determines your productivity. The head needs to be straight; focus and discipline are key points in the world of a writer. 

Healthy living encompasses the following and not restricted to this:

  • Arise and shine

Waking up early gives you enough time to make your bed, meditate, plan your day; It freshens the brain with lots of content for your article shaping gracefully.


  • Exercise

Trust me this helps. I exercise nearly every day, still trying to keep up, making it a hundred percent though… haha, It supports you mentally. Ward off stressful activities so as not to get burnt out because that might be a minus on you. You can stay fit by dancing, it’s my favorite and keeps me excited.



  • Eat Well

Do you write without having breakfast? You’ve got to stop because you are overstretching your limits; you end up getting exhausted, not even knowing what happened to your body metabolism.



  • Spend time with yourself

Aside from reading and writing, the weekly activities get your hands full, sometimes it stretches you beyond the limit. This is where you step back and relax, adjust yourself in tune, sleep for hours if you have to, take out time to hang out with friends, encourage other bloggers, you never know when you need theirs.

Remember, always keep track of your daily routine. Living a healthy lifestyle can make you a successful writer.

Image Source: Google & Pixabay


38 thoughts on “Healthy Lifestyle of a Writer”

  1. Those are all excellent points. Writing, blogging, life all need balance. Time away from the keyboard is essential for myself to reset the brain cells. We do a lot of outdoor and hiking adventures, and that works wonders at recharging things to help clarify something I might be writing about. Even if you’re not a writer, your post would be a good set of things for all to implement. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Excellent points and i can totally relate to them. I hit a work slum recently and i found that doing something spontaneous and getting out of my room was helpful. As i gained more inspiration to write.

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  3. This was an excellent read. I have been a reader all my life and have recently started writing.
    Also I think one point I could think of is keeping our eyes and ears open for inspiration which can come from anywhere?

    Would love to know what you think about that ?

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