It Takes Two To Tango

Do you want to quarrel?

Do you want to fall in love?

Do you want to have sex?

Do you want to have a baby?

Do you want to get married?

It takes two

Have you seen a situation where you go to a party and people are on the dance floor moving to the rhythm of the music in twos and what happens when you see just one person dancing alone? It looks odd, but the person appears to be having all the fun dancing alone. I tell you this… in his mind, he’s very uncomfortable and if it’s a lady, she definitely wishes a guy would walk up to her to dance with her.


This world has been structured in such a way that it takes two to tango.

No matter how much you try to fight for independence and do it alone, nothing stops you from succeeding but there will always be a craving for someone to stand next to you, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your thought or cravings, it’s just life, and you can’t change the balance. So remember if someone has hurt you in a relationship or several relationships, never give up, shake the dust off and move on, you sure will find someone to tango with in life because you need it, no matter how much you convince yourself otherwise.

Image Credit: Pixabay and Google Image

31 thoughts on “It Takes Two To Tango”

  1. Every time I read your words I smile and I really love to smile thank you Eddaz I’m so happy I make you blush.☺️❤️

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  2. I think there are arguments for and against. On one hand, I think a lot to do with coupling is societal conditioning and pressure, which often causes people to form relationships with unsuitable partners. On the other, there’s a natural side to coupling that goes back a long, long time to the earliest humans. On some level, we’re all searching for our perfect partner; it’s just that some are a lot more patient in their search and won’t just settle for the first pretty face that shows an interest. You should only tango with the right partner. Until then, moonwalk or do the Cha Cha Slide 😂

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  3. I love that statement “a natural side to coupling that goes back a long, long time to the earliest humans”😉…and you are right, if only we could be more patient in the search than end up rushing into the wrong arms. Thanks a lot for your sharing your intelligence Paul❤️ cha cha😀


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