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It Takes Two To Tango

Do you want to quarrel?

Do you want to fall in love?

Do you want to have sex?

Do you want to have a baby?

Do you want to get married?

It takes two

Have you seen a situation where you go to a party and people are on the dance floor moving to the rhythm of the music in twos and what happens when you see just one person dancing alone? It looks odd, but the person appears to be having all the fun dancing alone. I tell you this… in his mind, he’s very uncomfortable and if it’s a lady, she definitely wishes a guy would walk up to her to dance with her.


This world has been structured in such a way that it takes two to tango.

No matter how much you try to fight for independence and do it alone, nothing stops you from succeeding but there will always be a craving for someone to stand next to you, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your thought or cravings, it’s just life, and you can’t change the balance. So remember if someone has hurt you in a relationship or several relationships, never give up, shake the dust off and move on, you sure will find someone to tango with in life because you need it, no matter how much you convince yourself otherwise.

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Thoughts- I Think He’s A Married Man

When a man approaches a woman, her first thought is “what does he want?”

When the man opens his mouth to talk to the woman, his thoughts are “I hope she likes me, I don’t think she will turn me down.”

He speaks nicely to her and then she says to herself “I hope he’s single.”

The irony of life is dissapointment flies around unashamedly.

After so much time hanging out, the woman starts to suspect and says to herself “I think he’s married.”

So what do you do next?

It’s left for you to decide…I’ve always had one principle “never date a married man,” He’s not worth your time.

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Dating The Wrong Person

You saw her

Chased her

Dated her

Loved her

Married her

Then you should keep loving her…

Just don’t ever stop chasing her….

Are you in a relationship that brings tears, sorrow, doubts, low self esteem into your life?

You used to be a very happy person, fun to be with, ambitious but all of a sudden you don’t even know who you are anymore, you find yourself feeling agitated a lot, your smiles fading day by day.

Dating The Wrong Person

Then you are dating the wrong person….being single is also a virtue you know?

Better be single and be happy than date the wrong person that will suck you dry until you have no more to give.


Would you wait to meet the the right person to date or stay in that ugly relationship and try to turn things around?


Love Is Found In The Strangest Places

I’ve heard a few stories about where women found their lover boys now husband and where men found their sweet girls now wife. A former neighbor of mine said he found his wife of almost forty years by the side of the road where she waited for a taxi😀😀 he picked her up and dropped her at her destination, they got married after dating… Apparently it’s not so wise to do that now because of the high rate of kidnappings.

Love is found in the strangest places

I have a friend that met his wife through a friend of his, who met a girl on the dating site😮😮…what a referral!! A guy goes online in search for a nice lady and somehow the lady he found ended up in his friends house as wife..What a lucky guy the other one is, regardless of the fact that he never even joined the dating site….WEIRD..

Love can be found in strange places

I used to have a friend that met her husband where she worked..She went there in search of a job and he helped her to facilitate it by presenting her as the better candidate for the job😮😮…Such is life😀 but of course they work in seperate organisations now.

My cousin met her husband on a train in another country. They fell in love and he travelled to her own country to get married to her😘😘

I’m not married yet, hopefully it will be my time soon so that I can share my story too😍😍.

Where did you meet your loved one?



The Sea Of Love

The emotions that I feel

Reverberating through my body

That I cannot explain

Joy or sadness

Pure love or fondness

Tender loving care The sea of love

That I need

Making me want to plunge

Into the sea of exhaustion

Swim through the everlasting love

That I deserve

Bath in it

Be clothed with it

Be married to it….

What Specifically Do You Want In A Lifetime Partner

Theoretically, people have assumed the unimaginable characteristics they want in a lifetime partner and this has led to the waiting game for a lifetime partner that doesn’t really exist. To be sincere with you I cannot be exempted.

When I was a lot younger I listed out all the specifics and qualities I wanted in a man such as tall, dark, handsome, rich, sexy, God- fearing, cool, honest, sincere, must have a dimple, must love everything about me every day and night…the list was endless. I wanted the perfect guy that never existed. Ask me have I found him?…😮😨 That answers it…

We simply need to cut down on the requirements for the lifetime partner so that we can have a real life with the one that will love the life with us not in perfection but in satisfaction and completion.

So what are the requirements we want in a man or woman we choose to spend our life with?

Mine would be the man that understands me even without saying a word…one that will accept my imperfections and I do same with. Don’t get me wrong just because I don’t want the perfect partner doesn’t signify that I want to spend my life with a monster or someone that I would wake up in the morning beside and ask myself ” was I blind when I married this man?” I’m sorry but I have to be sincere😀😀

What specifically do you want in a lifetime partner? Please share💝💞💕

Worry Less-Achieve More

One way or the other we find ourselves worrying about the little details in life. Such as-“Will I be happily married in future? Will I get to live long,? Will I become famous like Micheal Jackson? Will I be wealthy like Bill Gates?  Will I end up getting married into a royal family or does my husband really love me?”

It’s quite endless what we worry about, and really it’s disturbing getting all worked up by these thoughts. Sometimes I worry about my finances, my health, my career….Then when I’m lucky enough to remember, I jerk myself out by asking, “what the hell is wrong with you girl?”

We have to stop looking under the bed and realize that the monsters are inside us, poisoning our thoughts, mind, body and soul….TAKE CHARGE OF YOURSELF. Strive to work at controlling your own mind or someone else– something else will help you control it.

Several weeks ago, I stood at the window of my living room lost in thought, thinking and looking worried about what to wear to church the following day; my very little nephew walked in and asked me, “auntie what are you doing?” I told him, “I’m thinking”, then he said, “oh,” he walked out… guess what?  Fifteen minutes later, I saw my little nephew lying down on the settee, face up, staring at the ceiling with his arms folded behind his head, and I asked him,” what are you doing?” he said “I’m thinking.”


This is how contagious and negative worrying can be, I was disturbed about a very minor matter without even realising it. Pondering on the outcome of my Nephew’s act was still part of my worries. Sigh…humans!!

We need to stop worrying about the little details in life else we might end up hurting ourselves health-wise or psychologically. If you are pre-occupied with “what ifs” and worst case scenario, worry becomes a problem, unrelenting doubts and worry can sap your emotional energy and interfere with your daily life or family just like mine.

Looking for solutions when actually there was never a problem can be stressful. Sometimes we can’t help but get caught up wondering if things will be alright.

Worry Less-Achieve More

Now babes, stop worrying about your looks because you are beautiful in and out depends on the way you see yourself. Always tell yourself “I AM BEAUTIFUL”, this will automatically start to reflect in your face and and character.

People! What the hell? We think too  much about Money ! Money ! Money ! Like I hear; ‘money makes the world go round’ hmm; TAKE CAUTION. Think very well about that. Why don’t you rather spend time working hard than worrying over been financially drained or day dreaming.

Life is beautiful, full of ups and downs. Here this….you will never make it to the future unless you stop living in the past and move on to the present.

Thinking about marriage all the time-When will the right man come along? Instead of worrying why don’t you start  building yourself, enrich your life, get busy preparing yourself for -the one-

Worrying is helpful when it triggers, and sends message to your brain to take action in solving a difficult or long term problem. Learn to stay calm… look at life from a more positive perspective.


Fairy Tales Love Stories

Choosing your life partner can sometimes be so tough. When you love someone, you love the whole person, the family and everything that makes that person. When you decide to share your love with a crazy person, you must know that their will be moments that you have to be crazy too, being in love with a sweet person makes everything mouth watering, loving a temperamental person requires a lot of patience.

Regardless of whom you swipe right or left with in the journey of love, make sure you hold onto each other because when the storm comes, it’s either you survive it together or you get carried away by it-Choose your love, Love your Choice. Love is based on commitment, everything you do is to appease, satisfy, help and serve the one you love.

I have a few fairy tale love success stories that I would like to share with my friends out there:

Britney and Daniel

Britney met Daniel when she was in the university and he was a banker, he stayed on the same street where Britney’s parents lived, once in while Daniel would walk over to Britney’s mother’s groceries shop close to the house to buy some groceries and he would stay back to have a chat with her mum until one day Britney got back from school after 3 hours journey and was very tired. Daniel stared at her in disbelief at how beautiful she looked and that was how the journey started, Daniel increased the number of times he bought groceries from the store until he finally met Britney alone in the store. Although Daniel didn’t seem right for her at first and she tried to avoid him a couple of times, but he never gave up on her. He would look for ways to get her alone in the store or down the street to chat with her and make her smile.

One day luckily for him he got her number, called her up a couple of times and started to visit her in school. Daniel waited 5 years for Britney to graduate from University and he finally he proposed, they are together and happy now. It was indeed tough for Daniel during the five years of waiting, but he kept on hard believing in the love he hard for her, Tina loved him more than ever because of his compelling nature, words that came out of him set him aside which thrilled her.

Elvin and Landen

Landen is 69 years now while Elvin is 60 years. I was opportuned to get this story from Elvin who spoke to me excitedly about how she met her husband years back. Dating back to about 35 years, Elvin and Landen met at a a friends party where they got introduced to each other by the celebrant, one thing led to the other and they started to date but a few months after, Elvin realised that Landen was too head strong and temperamental which kind off pissed her off.

Landen had to travel out of the country for 2 years after they got separated. When Landen got back from his trip, he perceived that he couldn’t let Elvin go because he was much too in love with her already and felt her happiness was much more important for him, Elvin accepted him back into her life because she also discovered one thing– her life was too BORING without him, they both knew they had to keep their love for each other to be able to feel the sun from both sides. Even though they have passed through storms in their marriage now, they are still crazily in love with each other with 4 kids that have grown into adults and 5 grandchildren.

Natasha and Zuriel

They were actually working in the same company, Zuriel was an expatriate from United Kingdom and Natasha was working in a construction company in South Africa. Natasha was transferred from one of the company branches to the headquarters where Zuriel was working. She was the facilities manager of the staff quarters management apartments where Zuriel was staying.

I love this story most especially and you will see the reason why. Zuriel took notice of her one morning while she moved around doing her business-her job. She never knew that while he was off work or about to live for the office in the morning, he would move around the compound several times just to see her and admire her, she would just walk by him and say her greetings politely which was what was expected of her.

One day Zuriel was off duty and sat down close to the pool side where she was inspecting the facilities. She looked up and met his eyes on her, she looked away quickly and tried to avoid his gaze. She walked past him without greeting him this time. Second day Zuriel called in sick at work, sat at his usual spot at the lounge, a couple of times he would look at her and smile, she would smile back, this kept on for a while until he asked her out for dinner. Nathasha eventually got a job at another company and they started a proper relationship, their love for each other grew stronger.

Zuriel decided to stay back in South Africa where they got married and her happy together with 2 kids.


“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes”-H.Jackson Brown, Jr