Take Time Out if Confused


Intellectually disrupted

Therapeutic analysis

Flopping over the thin line

Should I?

Should I not?

Compass flipping around

North, East, West, South

Guessing game in action

Confused in world of uncertainty


Too expensive a price to pay


Set your goals right




Boost Your Self Confidence

I have heard of several instances where self esteem is a problem for so many, it has degenerated to a level so high in the life of an individual that they feel they can’t overcome it. It advances with them to adulthood to the extent that some people find it so hard to perform well in interviews, it makes some people avoid socializing, some find it so difficult to do things that will make them happy-because they think they will never be approved of.

It usually arises from early growth, where parents are being overprotective of the child; criticism is also an element, when a child is being pushed to hard, it makes him loose confidence, parents who criticize their children over every little detail or failure are not only killing their confidence but are also crippling their spirit.We as humans will take cognisance of it and decide to use it then bullying sets in.This can only maim an individual development, self esteem, self knowledge and growth. We don’t want this to happen to any of our loved one…

If you grew up this way, it’s never too late to get out of that bondage, that is what is seems to be…Think positive, be optimistic, never allow criticism get to you. People can’t bring you down, they can only try. Don’t allow your feelings be toyed with, you are the determinant of how people treat you, live your heart into their hands, then you are already under their control for manipulation.

Enhancing your self esteem will pave way in facing challenges, it helps you to meet the right people in the right social gathering, It helps you in development of your writing skills and not giving up in what you believe in no matter how many times you fail at it. You want to blog? You want to publish a book? You want to sing? Why not just take one step of confidence today and try whatever is bugging your mind and giving you sleepless nights as long as its’ not a bad thing…

How do you build self confidence? Say to yourself everyday,”I will try harder today, I will be confident today.” Be bold, take informed risks, challenge yourself, love yourself, always remind yourself that you want to succeed at whatever you do but you can only achieve it through confidence. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Today is Monday! Be confident in achieving success at whatever you will embark on.




Reach Out To Them

Indigent, poverty-stricken

Begging for alms,

Now their survival technique

They cry out for help

Not their fault, deprived

Of their homes

Reach out to them


Emotionally detached,

Sad, loneliness has overridden joy

Living in an environment

With fierce combart

They’ve been hurt, deprived

Of the pleasures they deserve

Reach out to them.


Abused, battered,

The wicked has shown them hostility

Fear has crippled into them

They hide amongst the crowd

They can’t cry out, deprived

Of freedom they deserve

Reach out to them.


Dying of ill-health

From an ailment with no cure

A bad omen for them

Negativity has crawled into them

They are upset, deprived

Of help from those that can offer

Reach out to them.




He lies beneath the surface

Sparkling clear glamour

Imitating the sky blue

Something lies beneath the surface

Drifting in silent metamorphosis

In depth of pitch black

The soul no one knows

Shallow fierceness that lies

In a man’s heart

Thread softly, be at alert

Do not fall prey to the hunter.

Just Maybe


Did you think I would break down?

Did you think I wouldn’t move on without you?

Did you think I would still be the me for you?


Just maybe If you had loved me enough,

Appreciated the worthy woman in me.

Just maybe if you had held me tight,

every night, kept me safe in your arms.

Just maybe if you had done it from the back more often,

seen the desire in my eyes.

Just maybe if you had showed me,

the kind of I respect I deserved, kissed me more.

Just maybe if you had kept the light on in my heart,

Exterminated darkness from it.

Just maybe if you had touched me,

In the sensitive areas more.

Just maybe if had been more responsive,

To my desires.

Just maybe if you had,

Read the warning signs.

I wouldn’t have left your boring arse


Just maybe you can give me one more chance,

I would be your all in one.

Just maybe you stay one more night,

I would show you the inspirations in doing it from the back.

Just maybe you don’t turn your back on me,

I would frame love into your eyes.

Just maybe if you remain the one in my life,

I would adore you, devour your desires and relinquish,

The hunger in your heart.

I would savor everyone of your delightful,

dish, dearest honey,

I would never let it even cross,

your mind to match into another man’s arms.

Just maybe if you be my superwoman again,

There would never be an end to love poems.



Romantic Marriage Proposals Gone Bad

Marriage proposal is a promise of taking one’s hand in marriage-Yes it takes a lot of courage… It’s either a (YES or NO), when that typical question is popped up-“will you marry me”, It makes a woman go gaga…


Lots of ladies in early stages of life have envisaged how they will be proposed to by “the one,” so also young men have imagined times without number how they will propose to their lovely “wife- to- be.”

It has been a dream come true for some while for others, has been their worst nightmare. However it’s always memorable when it goes as planned or better, but what happens to the self esteem of the person making the proposal if it turns out bad?



Have you ever witnessed a marriage proposal, or have you gone as far as making a dramatic one? I haven’t witnessed any but I have heard about some proposals that were awesome and some that went so bad that got my tongue tied…

Take for example a young dude that has prepared for so long how to make the best proposal. He finally finds the lady of his dreams, he decides to surprise her with a ring and takes her out for dinner, he keeps the ring in her dessert with the help of the waiter; OOPS!!! she swallows the ring or chokes on it, that can be horrible, men take note, if you have been planning that type of proposal-It’s time you cancel that plan.


A man decides to fake his own death after he slept in same bed with his girlfriend; the lady wakes up and tries to get him up but not even a flinch. She tries several times to wake him up, but without success, not knowing that the crazy guy was planning to make a marriage proposal. Guess what she does… she got out of bed, dressed up quickly, walks out of the house quietly; the guy got up, stunned, confused whether to call her or not, he waits three hours for her to call or maybe she would come back, but she didn’t, he decides to call her– the  phone was off; he went to her house but she had disappeared…VERY HEARTBREAKING!! Be sure of who you are proposing to and don’t be an extremist…



I watched a video of a guy trying to propose to his girlfriend after dating her for three months, he said the usual love quotes, bla bla bla, went on his knees, she tries to stop him, but he refused, he made the proposal and then he got a bang on his head. She hit him with a guitar right on his head which got him sprawled on the floor in public, while everyone just stared. You know it can be very embarrassing for a girl if a man proposes to her in public when she’s actually not ready to get married.


It’s even more annoying when a man doesn’t propose at all but he he just starts discussing wedding plans with the lady and then she actually doesn’t know how to respond- Should she go ahead with the wedding plan discussion without being proposed to or should she ask him if he’s trying to propose to her or rather should she just carry along with his plans. For goodness sake… where is this shit coming from? Courtesy demands you propose first, even if you don’t want to go through with the whole marriage proposal drama!!!





Drunk Joker

People move along on their journey

In batches with mixed feelings

On each individual, written emotions.

brought about by moments of events.


He flaunts the jokes when drunk

to ease pain, that balances the blood pressure

It cracks, makes the belly expand

brings tears of laughter to the eyes.


He’s a joker who makes the

lips curve out in laughter,

that touches the eyes,

to bring sparks of light that

lightens up the mood

he turns night to daylight

with words filled with liquor

Jokes should be surreal , otherwise

considered as hurtful words.


Living a Life of Luxury

Who wouldn’t want to live a life of luxury, even the holiest person on earth would love to. I know life isn’t full of it and it has to be worked for. What are the luxurious things in life you would love to have? I would like to share a couple of mine with you.

It’s my utmost desire to travel on a yacht with my partner, sail for a couple of days on a sparkling blue sea where we would be alone, spend time with each other, no disturbances from any one. Take dives into the water once in a while, go to sleep at night with the sound of the cool breeze and wake up to the summer warm’t on our skin.

Dreaming of a Luxurious Life

Another luxury I would love to delight myself in is riding in the new Toyota 2016 highlander, I just love the sleek smoothness of it, wish I could stroke the body of the car with my tongue like it’s chocolate… I definitely prefer the grey colored one that can fit a number of eight people. I admire the cool, comfortable interior like I could turn it into my bedroom and sleep all night in it. The sound system is so tempting, I could actually open up a family disco club in it. Ha ha..



However , I need to mention that I hunger for a big studio full of books of all sorts of genre, with art work hung all around the walls; I love art work a lot but unfortunately bad in drawing. The studio should have a good sound system, so that anytime I feel drained from writing I could just sit, relax and flow with the sound of the rhythm of music. I wouldn’t want it to have a TV set, else I would end up not writing anything- I’m a movie freak! This isn’t all but they are some of the most desirous luxurious life I would love to live. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a materialistic person but once in a while there are somethings we wish we could have and just maybe we’ll get them.

living a life of luxury

So what luxury would you like to lavish yourself with? Think about it.

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Paint Me The Colors of Rainbow

It emerges at the horizon

only after the rain storm

A promise of reconciliation with mankind

A reminder of faithfulness

blossoming into the seven spiritual semblance

emitting vitality, creativity, wisdom

wealth,self awareness, inspiration

the gift of them from the heavenlies

ripples of it spreads over the masses

I feel the urge to make it permanent

memory of it never to depart

Paint me the the colors of rainbow

to visualize the glamour everyday.

Never run from your shadow

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