Five and Ten is Fifty

Ten things you should do before you die

Fall in love until it can be seen on your forehead

Publish a book and make sure it’s popular

Live naked in your house for five days

Have a glamorous party for friends and family

Go for a hike in the caves

Travel to the moon

Write your will

Visit the orphanage and contribute a great deal to them

Sponsor a child’s education

Resist every bad temptation for One month


Five animals you should raise before you are fifty

A hen






Handling Relationships With Different Religious Beliefs

I received an email from a lady who was in despair need of an answer to her confused state of mind, and I decided to post the content on my blog due to the sensitivity of it. This is one out of few mails I have received regarding religious beliefs, but this sounded peculiar to me which is why I decided to adjust a few of the texts and publish it. Here it goes:

I have known this guy for almost five months, he asked me out but I never took him seriously because of our religious differences. I am a christian and worship in a Pentecostal church, he is from a Muslim background and converted to Christianity but worships in the spiritualist church.

My fear is that I don’t understand their belief system as my parents are strict Pentecostals, no one I know in my has ever worshiped in such a church. I am also someone that believes a lot in God and want to make heaven, I just don’t understand the beliefs of his church. I like his personality and would love to have a relationship with him, he wants to be committed to me but I have not given him the opportunity because I don’t know where it would lead to. I discussed my fears with him and he made me understand that he won’t force me to attend his church even though at some point in time, he would love it if I do. He also said his church is a Christ believing church as well.

My question is what would my family say about this? What if it ends in marriage which I know I would love to happen? Where would our kids be baptized? I don’t know how my mind would start to operate. I need to know here different opinions while I also pray about this. Do I go further in dating him and getting to know him more or I should just forget about going into this affair with him even though I think about him almost every night and he seems to be the only man I have ever felt comfortable with in my life.

My own take on this is once I’m in love, the rest is history. We humans are different, and moreover it’s indeed sensitive that’s why Your kind comments and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you.



Sunday Love Inspiration

I love myself, so I’m dedicating today to ME! ME! ME! I love everyone too but I need time for me. Whatever you do today, be happy, love yourself, give no one the responsibility of loving you. Happiness starts with you, then every other thing falls into place. Happy Sunday to everyone out there.

I am grateful to have been loved and to be loved now and to be able to love, because that liberates.

Love liberates. It doesn’t just hold – that’s ego.

love liberates. It doesn’t bind.

Love says, ‘I love you’re in China. I love if you are across town. I love you if you are in Harlem. I love you. I would like to be near you. I’d like to have your arms around me. I’d like to hear your voice in my ear. But that’s not possible now, so I love you -Maya Angelou




What Men see When They Look at Women

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a man when he sees an attractive lady with gorgeous smile set across her face, full sumptuous lips like berry, beautifully set backside, and glowing skin.

I have seen it times without number! In my estimation, men simply love to express their gratitude with their EYES ON WOMEN.

What transpires in the mind of a man when this happens,  I heard it’s called CHEMICAL HIGH. Such as when water is been added into an acid.

Men, regardless of their status quo, whether married or single… look at women, this is a fact that needs to be acknowledged, their is no way out of the truth.


Men have been programmed in such a way to appreciate the physical structure of women… be it naked or fully clothed; Women should’t allow this affect their way of life or relationship with their partner, men will always stare at women. Some  men go as far as stripping a fully clothed women naked with their eyes, their ripples of thoughts go as wild as having sex with the woman on the spot or trying to decide which sex position will befit the lady…..Some obviously gaze just to admire the beauty of a lady.

It’s ridiculous when some of these men go as far as five rounds of sex on a pinpoint with their thoughts. What a high sexual drive that is.

Yet, it is carried overboard by some men where they can’t control their thoughts; this type of men are the ones that ladies should be aware of and take caution.

Here is my own take; Since evolution, men have always had a high sexual drive which in most cases control their thoughts.

Women have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are jogging or you simply make a sudden movement and a man just sits-stares at your bouncing boobs, it’s so amazing how men can flaunt their eyes in such a devastating manner, even so, it’s all about appreciating the woman’s SEXY BOOBS… I guess some men just try to guess the size of a lady’s breast, if it’s an A cup, C cup or DD….


As for those women trying not to shake their bootylicious bottom too often; These bits don’t bother guys, they will stare UNTIL THEY START SHIVERING like they are in winter whilst in summer. So shake it as much as you love to; You are endowed.


I had an experience in high school, where a male student walked up to me and said, “anytime I set my eyes on you, I feel like wrapping you up in my arms because you look so seductive,” I actually didn’t know how to respond to the nonsense talk at that moment since I was still kind of innocent, so I walked off in a confused state….Now I know better.

I decided to write this article because I saw a scenario where my colleague gawked openly at a female client, I got concerned when he looked away, sat down at his desk like he was going to start shedding tears.

Here is what happened:

Me: Frank, are you alright?

Frank: Yes, yes I am.

Me:Why did you stare at the lady that way?

Frank: I didn’t know you where watching.

Me: I just noticed what happened briefly.

Frank: You Know…..I appreciate women but I have never seen anything like this in real life.

Me: What is it?

Frank: Didn’t you see her lips? It’s battered with surgery. I was busy admiring her physical stature when my eyes wondered to her face.

Believe me, men see too many things on women.




Eyes of a Woman

Her world seen through

Her eyes

It speaks volumes

Radiates messages to the soul

The eyes of a woman

expresses love, compassion

Sufferings, dark secrets

It is profound

Yet untold scenes

Lying deep within

Her smile radiates through her eyes

Always there to caution

Words can’t tell it all

Her soul and eyes are one

The eyes of a woman

Has seen it all

Tells it all.


Moonlight Romance

Have you ever thought of how it would feel tightly embraced in the  arms of a loved one under the moonlight. Whispering softly into each others ears, especially close to the seaside. Do you imagine the salty breeze arousing your skin coupled with the light touch of the hands on your flesh, stroking, tickling… It’s quite alluring even though I’ve never experienced that. It’s just my imagination; I believe dreams can come true…


There’s something comforting about sitting out and looking out at the moon in the dead of the night. I used to do this quite often when I was a lot younger, and then I would see a star fall, and quickly make a wish, unfortunately non of those wishes have come true-Just yet…


The moon is natures gift or creation I would say, I consider it a gift because I love the light that radiates from it, the beauty of it is magnificent. It signifies different meanings to different people, cultures and religious bodies. I’m glad I’m religious enough not to worship the moon even though I cherish it….

Don’t you just think romance is best fulfilled under the moonlight? Natural endowment it is…

Image Credit: Google Image

Ghost That I Run From

I slept in bed like a baby, lights off, the room was pitch dark, suddenly I felt a light breeze crawl across my skin and then a human touch on my duvet. I tasted fear on my tongue which was traumatically bitter, and I knew I was been hunted by a ghost. My eyes were tightly shut, I couldn’t open them because of revelation of what would unfold; too scared of the picture I painted in my head!

Guess what? I watched a paranormal movie before I went to bed, and unfortunately for me, the image of the activities in the movie stuck in my head.

I believe ghosts are images we create ourselves, that means we are the ones hunting ourselves😀😀

Holding back….

This heart warming poem written by Lyjrj made me feel some tentacles pinging in my skin. Love activates emotions in our heart that we really can’t explain Enjoy!



Holding back.

Every single day I’m holding back all that I wonder, all that I ponder, holding all the things that I long to say. And now I know why, the reason, I was scared to drive your love away. You come and go, and for me it is always a pleasure to open wide all my doors when you come to visit even if it’s just for a minute.

It’s just you see you drive me to madness with lively pleasures. You obligate my mind to think, to feel, to love. I lose complete and all self control. And everyday its a new beginning it’s as tho I’m meeting you again for the first time every time. You cause me to tremble with argumentation . And unless you have felt true love in the manner that I do, I can honestly say you would never understand why it is…

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Never run from your shadow

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