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Offensive Fence

What the hell are you waiting for?

Standing tall waiting for the world to bow at your feet,

Impeding the progress my destiny,

Straying in between me and my love.

Staring blankly at us, faceless like a mute,

You are nothing but an offensive non entity.

You are just a fence that can be brought down and trampled upon.

Soon the barrier  will be brought to humiliation,

We will take you down…

From both sides you will crumble like a piece of cookie,

Then I can cross the boundary to take my place,

I will cross over and laugh at you..

You were put up there to chastise us?

Who gave you a name?

A nameless jester trying to have an identity?

Who wants to be a hero?

Who wants a name from making us fallen ninjas?

You are going down..


Paint Me The Colors of Rainbow

It emerges at the horizon

only after the rain storm

A promise of reconciliation with mankind

A reminder of faithfulness

blossoming into the seven spiritual semblance

emitting vitality, creativity, wisdom

wealth,self awareness, inspiration

the gift of them from the heavenlies

ripples of it spreads over the masses

I feel the urge to make it permanent

memory of it never to depart

Paint me the the colors of rainbow

to visualize the glamour everyday.

House of Dramatic Events

The strange house stood still,

Deserted on the lonely scrupulous hill,

Surrounded by large mass of water,

Splashing violently against the granite stones.


Deep inside the dark passageway,

Were strange sounds of no description.

Emitting from the sparkling rocky wall,

Blurred smoky faces emerged from within,

Mouth wide open hideously,

Cries echoing from them.


A secret compartment with inscriptions,

Never been opened by a soul,

Since the existence of the newcomer,

Stared narrowly in diminishment.


Dramatic hollows of spotlight,

Danced around a creepy figurine ,

Shades of bright light,

Reflecting from the shadows.

Objects moved back and forth,

No wisdom of any being,

Is yet to crack the drama,

That exist timelessly,

In the strange house.