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Give Me A Word

Give me a word…

It ponders, swirling like the whirlwind

Imagination tiggering In a directions

Speaking in my head, excitement happening

Certainly verified.

Give me a word’

That was exactly the thought I had in mind when I got out of bed this morning. It’s the begining of a new week which appears to be promising with the sun shining bright through my window.

So many ideas pouring out wanting to be written down but I will take them one at a time because it’s the dawn of new beginnings.

‘Give me a word’

I pray and asked the good lord to give me the word out of all words that will set me apart this week and attract everything I need to know…knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

A word mearnt for me only just as you ask for a word mearnt for you to set you apart….just you.

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Sensations Of Sexual Urge Haunting Me

Tingling the sensitive parts of the body, craving for the erotic touch…

Those Sensations Of Sexual Urge Haunting Me…

Taunting Me…

Testing Me…

Tempting Me…

Inviting Me…

Sensitizing my thoughts…

Stimulating rythms of sexual beats in my heart…

What do you do to quench the fire blazing uncontrollably from your body? Those sensations making you so restless… tentatively purging out distress in your heart of whom to stroke…

What do You do when your eyes bulges out immediately it sees a beautiful lady romping that thingy thing or a handsome dude with velvety skin, flaunting his tight muscles right in your pretty face.

Sensations if sexual urge

Sexual urge is sweet but wicked especially when you literarily have no partner to relieve you of it and then it becomes distressing. But if your partner is right there and then..hmm! He or she would be at your mercy. Right?

When I have sensations  of sexual urge with no partner to relieve me, I pray very hard, else….- eddaz





Sandwiched in Between

You know what happens when you get sandwiched in between two beautiful sexy ladies who won’t take no for an answer from you?

Get on your knees and pray or go with the flow and get burnt.


That’s the first two options. Third option dive into the sea and get bitten by the sharks.


Never doubt the actions of these two women, don’t feel proud about it. Choose one, and be fulfilled or choose none and run far.