Dating The Wrong person

Dating The Wrong Person

You saw her

Chased her

Dated her

Loved her

Married her

Then you should keep loving her…

Just don’t ever stop chasing her….

Are you in a relationship that brings tears, sorrow, doubts, low self esteem into your life?

You used to be a very happy person, fun to be with, ambitious but all of a sudden you don’t even know who you are anymore, you find yourself feeling agitated a lot, your smiles fading day by day.

Dating The Wrong Person

Then you are dating the wrong person….being single is also a virtue you know?

Better be single and be happy than date the wrong person that will suck you dry until you have no more to give.


Would you wait to meet the the right person to date or stay in that ugly relationship and try to turn things around?


29 thoughts on “Dating The Wrong Person”

  1. In the past I would do what I could to make it work and stay no matter how poorly I was treated. No more will I do that, nope, never again.

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  2. I would never date a person who sucks me out – I have trusted my intuition and it has never failed.
    But ….
    I was in a marriage for 44 years and then he fell in love with a thai masseuse. I was wrong about him and his true values about family.
    But …
    Now I met my man – I long for being in his arms every second. And it gives me more energy in life. A lot of loving. I’m so lucky ❤
    "I have a lot of living to do" said Elvis … and so have I … for sure.
    Give and gain energy in relationships. Go for it!

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  3. My fiancé believes that relationships take work; he has shown me so much about how important it is to be a true partner in a relationship. I agree if something truly isn’t right then maybe it is the wrong relationship but too many fail through apathy. If you love and care about someone and they love and care about you, sometimes it is worth fixing problems and not just walking away from the entire relationship.

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  4. Moving forward in a wrong direction makes the journey worse. The best bet is to turn and go back to the start. This post presents a great piece of advice to whoever is in wrong and sagging relationships, especially ladies no matter how old you think you are. You can never be old in the eyes of whoever loves you. Good day and best wishes. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. I think this a great post and it poses a great question. For me I have been married about 6 years now and in that time there were times where I felt like your post describes, but sometimes there is more to consider. For my husband and I, we both were dealing with a lot early on in our marriage that added tons of stress, but now that we are slowing ridding ourselves of some of this stress, things are getting better. I think there is much to consider in a relationship like that, because if there are outside factors creating the heartache in a relationship, it isn’t fair to say well this won’t work. It takes serious commitment and fight to make marriage work sometimes. And if I learned anything in the time I have been married is that you can make it through the ugliest of storms, if you really love one another. My marriage is still a work in progress, but I am thankful that I didn’t just give up, because the work we have put in has been paying off. But I am not here to judge I believe that a person has to do what is right for them, because at the end of the day they have to live with their choices, so I say do what is going to make you the happiest. For some that is fighting for a relationship and for others that is moving on and I think that they are both okay choices. You have to take care of yourself and these decisions are not easy ones to make trust me I know. 🙂 – Laila

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  6. Laila I really do appreciate you sharing your experience, it means a lot to me and I believe others reading it would derive a lot from your comment. Good you didn’t give up and believed in what you had. Have a beautiful day.💖

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  7. Thank you and I appreciate your post, it made me realize how far My marriage has come. I love your blog it is honest and thought provoking. Your awesome! 👍😊❤️

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  8. I mean, two are better than one, and it’s just better when you have that other to share and cry with.

    I believe that time heals and as days pass by and one feels like quitting , there’s always something that pulls one back. Something positive I say! Sacrifice is also key to prosperity, if not God for us all.

    Nice read

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  9. I agree. You can’t let someone suck the light out of you. You got to keep that light shining so the right person can find you.

    I think a relationship can start off like a steam engine; powerful, productive. And over time if the rails aren’t properly oiled, maintained the train could falls off the rails. You have to take care of a relationship. You have to remind yourself how to care for the other and remind the other how to care for you but you can’t wait until neither cares anymore. You have to check in with each other like you check in with yourself.

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