Would You Show Love Or Say It

It’s usually a confusing state of mind when women and men in relationships don’t know if to tell their partner they are in love with them or just simply keep showing it without having to say it out.

Some have had sad experiences where when they start saying “I love you” to their partner is actually the stage when the partner starts messing up or taking their feelings for granted because it now sounds like song to their ears.

Remember some of us get tired of even very interesting songs over time while others probably don’t, which is very rare.

Which would you rather do?

•Say it often to your partner ” I love you”?

•Just simply keep showing the love and affection without saying it?

•Do both but how often?


23 thoughts on “Would You Show Love Or Say It”

  1. Depends. On how long you’ve been in the relationship, etc. My wife and I have been together 25 years. I say and show it multiple times every day. Just dating? Show it, then see if it’s reciprocated by actions. Saying it too soon is a recipe for disaster. 3 small words, but very powerful.

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  2. I think I’ve always been the first in the relationship to say ‘I love you’, but I don’t think I’ve always ever really known what love really was or meant. It was something that happened in relationships, so of course if I was in a relationship, I must say ‘I love you’. But I’ve definitely always known how best to treat someone special and treat them so they know they are special. Acts of love and affection, those were natural, and genuine, and much more meaningful to me. So I think in future relationships I’ll always act first, and leave the saying to when it really really means something. But no person in a relationship should ever look to their partner and be left wondering if they care, either from their actions or words.

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  3. Sometimes I really wonder why saying it leads to disaster…it’s so sad that we can’t express our feelings spontaneously as mentioned by ‘love it now’. Thanks for your comment sonofabeach 💞

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  4. Manvsloneliness you said it so well. ‘ no person in a relationship should ever look to their partner and be left wondering if they care’ that’s emotional torment. I used to say it often too before until I realised it was a mistake saying it too soon but to be showed in a action unfortunately that’s not the way I feel it’s meant to be. Thanks dear💖

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  5. My love for my wife is about me more than her. It’s who I am. With that been said, love makes me pay close attention to her. Sometimes I can see she need me to touch her at other times it’s making her a cup of coffee. The more I show her my love the more I hear her say she loves her life and see her smiling. I’m more of an action hubby today because I have said I love you so much in the past and didn’t show it. I was saying it cause that’s what I thought she wanted to hear. A secure woman can see right through the bull.

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