Your Ideal Partner

Your Ideal Partner

Destination unknown to reality

Taking me into the depths

of happiness hiding in the darkness.

When the wind drives you in a direction uncertain to you, you wonder why you keep moving along without control; you try as much as possible to fight it but end up in the same path and that’s when you realize that love can take you through different phases in life you least expect.

If you belong to the group of people that make a list of the ideal man or woman they prefer to date, trust me you will end up with no one for a long time. Hence if faith is on your side, you will meet your lover contrary to the list you made up and regardless of how much you remind yourself of your ideal partner, you will keep falling back into the hands of this person who you tag as the unideal lover. So relax and allow faith to take charge and when it happens, accept it and you will discover a better person for you than your ideal partner.

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Image Source: Pixabay

16 thoughts on “Your Ideal Partner”

  1. In the same way that I don’t believe we have ‘soulmates’ and that ‘the one’ doesn’t exist, so to don’t I believe that there’s an ideal partner for everyone. We, as humans, are ever changing depending on life experiences. Different people suit different times and different scenarios. All you can do is choose a person who, to borrow a phrase from my friend, ‘sets your soul on fire’ and then work hard to keep the relationship going during tough times and good times. You also need to be wary of whether your soul has been set alight or if it’s simply a case of strong lust. That’s why taking your time is always necessary.

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  2. Paul It’s good to know you find my posts thought provoking, I feel good about that and I’m glad you find them useful😊. Thanks a lot


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