Romance Languages

Engulfed in the wind of enchantment

Bathing in the cloud of love

The arrows of romance fired at me

Speaking languages I never imagined

Stay with me forever

So I may dance only to your tune

There are five most spoken romance languages according to Wikipedia. They are…French, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, and Italian. I suggest you have a language you speak to someone you hold special in your heart.

This only symbolizes their uniqueness; even without them understanding it; the weight of the emotion behind the conversations would say it all. It’s interesting when you add a theme to your relationship either in marriage or courtship period; your partner would feel like the cutest baby in the world when you speak the language occasionally with a beautiful smile on your face and flower to go with it for the women and for the men; you as a woman could convey it while presenting your naughtiness.

  1. Le doy mi corazón y mi alma a amarte (I give my heart and soul to loving you)- Spanish
  2. Je veuxme noyerdanston arôme (I want to drown myself in your aroma) –French
  3. Ești cel maisexy lucrupe care trebuiesă-l facivreodată pe această planetă (You are the sexiest thing ever to walk this planet)– Romanian
  4. Il tuobustoaccendefiammenelmiocuore (Your torso sparks flames in my heart) –Italian
  5. Você é maisbonitaquetodasas estrelasno céu (You are prettier than the stars in the sky) –Portuguese

You can say short phrases if you find it difficult expressing a sentence.

Te amo (I love you) Italian

Ma séductrice (My seductress) French

Tu ești lumeamea (You are my world)  Romanian

So I hope I worked up your appetite for romance on another continent. You can come up with something of your own as long as you try a seductive, romantic language.

I wish you the best.


23 thoughts on “Romance Languages”

  1. This is Interesting Eddaz. This post reminds me of my ex Romanian boyfriend, It thrilled me when he spoke he’s language. I agree with you about speaking a different language especially Italian which sounds very romantic…

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  2. I yearn to learn another language, but I can never seem to settle on one. Greek, Italian, and Portuguese top my list. There’s also Spanish and German. I’d learn Latin if it were still being taught anywhere.

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  3. Same with me but I kind of settled with French and hope I get better as time goes by. I don’t know either if Latin is taught anywhere but Spanish sounds interesting and I think might be a bit easy to learn💟


  4. I got lumbered with French in high school and I didn’t like it at all. I was always so much better at German, but they wouldn’t let me take that as my language. Latin isn’t taught in school anymore as it’s a defunct language. Outside the Roman Catholic Church it’s only spoken in phrases and even half of those are incorrect (“Carpe Diem” for example). It’s a shame really.

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