Does True love Really Exist?

Does True Love Really Exist?

It’s difficult to love and for some people, it’s as easy as taking a sip of wine. I have often wondered what it would be like if every passion lasts forever…. the only true love I know existing in this universe is that of the Almighty.

The unquestionable affection

Without limit

No doubts, no confusion

No skepticism, no holding back

The treasure of God is incomparable

It’s hard to express this feeling nowadays because it’s prone to get broken, this makes loving another human tricky. But has a genuine devotion ever existed in humanity because if so why are we so divided, why do couples wake up one day and kill each other, children killing siblings and parents?

Why would a partner seek for divorce after years of being together just because they are no longer loyal to each other or due to whatever reason; I thought true love doesn’t give up… we aren’t God, but he lives in us. What do we call what we have now?

Love differs

The existence is pure

But they refined it

To fit into their daily worlds

Be filled with purity

So that true love can survive

In us


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21 thoughts on “Does True Love Really Exist?”

  1. I believe love comes in various shapes and sizes; however, my belief is that true love is, and only can be, unconditional. Completely and utterly unconditional. If it is conditional in any way, if there is anything they could do, no matter how big or small, that would cause you not to love that person anymore then it is not true love. I think there’s a fine line between dependency and love also. It can be hard to differentiate between the two. Our insatiable quest for love can often make us very desperate and very blind, causing us to see love where it doesn’t really exist.

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  2. That’s a very intelligent response from you Paul, always inspiring me with your thoughts 🤔. “Our insatiable quest for love can often make us very desperate and very blind, causing us to see love where it doesn’t really exist.” Very true and accurate. Thanks dear ☺️❤️


  3. It’s quite a cynical viewpoint I have, I must admit, but I definitely think it’s true. The term ‘love’ is bandied around a lot nowadays, but I genuinely don’t believe most people even know what it is. Take a person who won’t leave a violent partner for example.

    You’re welcome by the way. Your posts always inspire me to think a little deeper.

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  4. True a lot don’t know what it is. That example you stated exists really and I would describe that situation very unfortunate for the confused person. Thanks for your opinions Paul❤️

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  5. I believe that true love exist, however my definition of true love may not be yours, or his, hers, or their definition of true love. People can be in love with their mate and eventually grow apart and fall out of love. How we handle those terminated relationships will define the true nature of our hearts and love for that person.

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