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Tired Of Trying

Tired of using my heart

Stressed out from saying goodbye

Running when I can’t walk

It tastes like honey

even when it’s bitter

You hold onto my mind

I can’t sleep

You are bad

But I love you

I need you and sometimes it kills me

trying to let you go

How can I live without you

How can I love without you

How can I breathe without you

You dey wound me

Image Credit: Pixabay

Pleasure to Live

Children find pleasure running around playing with their mates,

They find pleasure smearing sweet chocolates all over their face,

Kids find pleasure watching TV cartoons,

They love babies, they want them to live and grow.

Tiny little kids of ours love to love wholeheartedly.

Children are young at heart, they feel unrestrained,

Hold no grudge,

Innocent at heart,

We love them…


Adults find pleasure in sex, hmm sweet!

Good to find pleasure making people smile.

Some find pleasure in hard drugs,

Wicked ones find pleasure in killing,

Disturbed ones find pleasure in stealing,

Some find pleasure in doing evil, and other abnormal acts

Whatever gives pleasure is lasting because it tastes good to you,

Sticks to the memory!

But aren’t you depriving others pleasure to live ?

To laugh,

To rejoice,

To multiply,

To grow,

To choose,

To have a second chance in life.

Seek pleasure in doing good. God will be pleased…


This post is in response to the one word prompt. Pleasure