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Just Maybe


Did you think I would break down?

Did you think I wouldn’t move on without you?

Did you think I would still be the me for you?


Just maybe If you had loved me enough,

Appreciated the worthy woman in me.

Just maybe if you had held me tight,

every night, kept me safe in your arms.

Just maybe if you had done it from the back more often,

seen the desire in my eyes.

Just maybe if you had showed me,

the kind of I respect I deserved, kissed me more.

Just maybe if you had kept the light on in my heart,

Exterminated darkness from it.

Just maybe if you had touched me,

In the sensitive areas more.

Just maybe if had been more responsive,

To my desires.

Just maybe if you had,

Read the warning signs.

I wouldn’t have left your boring arse


Just maybe you can give me one more chance,

I would be your all in one.

Just maybe you stay one more night,

I would show you the inspirations in doing it from the back.

Just maybe you don’t turn your back on me,

I would frame love into your eyes.

Just maybe if you remain the one in my life,

I would adore you, devour your desires and relinquish,

The hunger in your heart.

I would savor everyone of your delightful,

dish, dearest honey,

I would never let it even cross,

your mind to match into another man’s arms.

Just maybe if you be my superwoman again,

There would never be an end to love poems.




Romantic Marriage Proposals Gone Bad

Marriage proposal is a promise of taking one’s hand in marriage-Yes it takes a lot of courage… It’s either a (YES or NO), when that typical question is popped up-“will you marry me”, It makes a woman go gaga…


Lots of ladies in early stages of life have envisaged how they will be proposed to by “the one,” so also young men have imagined times without number how they will propose to their lovely “wife- to- be.”

It has been a dream come true for some while for others, has been their worst nightmare. However it’s always memorable when it goes as planned or better, but what happens to the self esteem of the person making the proposal if it turns out bad?



Have you ever witnessed a marriage proposal, or have you gone as far as making a dramatic one? I haven’t witnessed any but I have heard about some proposals that were awesome and some that went so bad that got my tongue tied…

Take for example a young dude that has prepared for so long how to make the best proposal. He finally finds the lady of his dreams, he decides to surprise her with a ring and takes her out for dinner, he keeps the ring in her dessert with the help of the waiter; OOPS!!! she swallows the ring or chokes on it, that can be horrible, men take note, if you have been planning that type of proposal-It’s time you cancel that plan.


A man decides to fake his own death after he slept in same bed with his girlfriend; the lady wakes up and tries to get him up but not even a flinch. She tries several times to wake him up, but without success, not knowing that the crazy guy was planning to make a marriage proposal. Guess what she does… she got out of bed, dressed up quickly, walks out of the house quietly; the guy got up, stunned, confused whether to call her or not, he waits three hours for her to call or maybe she would come back, but she didn’t, he decides to call her– the  phone was off; he went to her house but she had disappeared…VERY HEARTBREAKING!! Be sure of who you are proposing to and don’t be an extremist…



I watched a video of a guy trying to propose to his girlfriend after dating her for three months, he said the usual love quotes, bla bla bla, went on his knees, she tries to stop him, but he refused, he made the proposal and then he got a bang on his head. She hit him with a guitar right on his head which got him sprawled on the floor in public, while everyone just stared. You know it can be very embarrassing for a girl if a man proposes to her in public when she’s actually not ready to get married.


It’s even more annoying when a man doesn’t propose at all but he he just starts discussing wedding plans with the lady and then she actually doesn’t know how to respond- Should she go ahead with the wedding plan discussion without being proposed to or should she ask him if he’s trying to propose to her or rather should she just carry along with his plans. For goodness sake… where is this shit coming from? Courtesy demands you propose first, even if you don’t want to go through with the whole marriage proposal drama!!!





Drunk Joker

People move along on their journey

In batches with mixed feelings

On each individual, written emotions.

brought about by moments of events.


He flaunts the jokes when drunk

to ease pain, that balances the blood pressure

It cracks, makes the belly expand

brings tears of laughter to the eyes.


He’s a joker who makes the

lips curve out in laughter,

that touches the eyes,

to bring sparks of light that

lightens up the mood

he turns night to daylight

with words filled with liquor

Jokes should be surreal , otherwise

considered as hurtful words.


Paint Me The Colors of Rainbow

It emerges at the horizon

only after the rain storm

A promise of reconciliation with mankind

A reminder of faithfulness

blossoming into the seven spiritual semblance

emitting vitality, creativity, wisdom

wealth,self awareness, inspiration

the gift of them from the heavenlies

ripples of it spreads over the masses

I feel the urge to make it permanent

memory of it never to depart

Paint me the the colors of rainbow

to visualize the glamour everyday.

Yes! I May Be Stubborn

Yes! I may be stubborn

It has elevated me to the level

of freedom, achievements, goodwill

That’s not all, you can’t drag me down.


Yes! I may be stubborn

The enigma tagging

along with me backed off

I have become too heavy for them.


Yes! I may be stubborn

It has cast the light for me

upon the good and bad

so that I may thread invulnerably.

I Sing Praises To My Baby

My cow dry as the desert

wont produce milk from the mammary glands

stares sadly staight into my eyes

mamma, I’m dry, I’m sorry

she tells me persistently

I worry for my baby, shame all over her

I think to myself in the power

of praise, shall their be life

I walk to cattle, talk into her ears

look into her eyeballs, rub her ears

everyday, pamper, cuddle her

feed her with the best green leafs

remind her of her beauty

her importance in my life

In my home, to my health

she sees the love in my eyes

It triggers sensitivity in her soul

chemistry of stimuli start to apply

in her body,

she starts to secret milk

gradually, slowly, with

increasing pressure everyday

my cow gets it constantly, in all vitality

never ceasing, for continuous growth

Power of productivity lies in the praise.

Muse of My Writing

O! there goes my seeking gull

My muse, precious gem, carrier…

In disquietude I have waited

The world is too much to occupy

Inspiration fading into thin smoke

My mouth has gone sour

Heart beats, soaked in blood

Rythm of thirst in my throat

Fly, fly, fly…..

Sing songs of meditation

Into my belly, fill it with words,

Which inspires, Voices out from my mouth

Imprinted down without repetitions

I soar with you, recognizing the weight of encumbrance

Be damned, bonfire needless to say

Syncopation air flow the words into my being

whole I am again, my soul which grew dark

Is filled with songs of the wind

Deep into the sea, I find my bond

Gush out to the surface

Which flows back into my burnt hands

Concurrently I put down the writings

So that I can live again.







The Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank Vinisblog– A walk trough Kaleidoscope of Life for nominating for the award. Her blog has a lot of interesting posts to offer, check it out and have a feel of her great writings.

The rules:

  1. Show the award on your blog
  2. Thank the person who nominated you.
  3. Share 7 things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 10 other blogs.

Seven things about myself:

  1. I’m a Gemini.
  2. I’m a very shy lady even though people find that very hard to believe but I know myself better.
  3. I have a B.Tech degree, MBA and certification, that’s a little bit of myself I don’t really like sharing, but I would love to this time.
  4. I love writing which has always been my dream all the way from childhood.
  5. I don’t like taking no for an answer.  I don’t understand that statement ‘I can’t do it’
  6. I love having fun all the way, anything fun or adventure just makes me go gaga.
  7. I don’t know how to make friends at all but I attract friendship like a magnet and I love to keep them.

I would love to nominate the following blogs:

  1. Piratepatty
  2. Imani
  3. The Lonely Author Blog
  4. Anna Cottage.
  5. Kim Night-Author
  6. A Kinder Way
  7. Peaceful Journey
  8. Domestic Diva
  9. Somawrites
  10. Afternoonifield lady

I am aware not all the bloggers would like to accept this awards but I’m nominating you anyways in appreciation for your hard work and I love your blogs, I would have loved to nominate the whole blogging community and hopefully I would get there soon. Thank you all for your support, comments, likes, shares and follows.



Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine blogger award rules

I would like to thank anaidawrites for nominating me, she writes about anything and everything about the complex yet beautiful thing called love. She’s an awesome writer, please check out her blog.

I would like to nominate the following bloggers for their lovely posts that brings sunshine to us. I would have loved to nominate more because I love all WordPress bloggers for their handwork and beautiful thoughts shared with the world. Love you all…

  1. Exploringdutchi
  2. Pkforeal
  3. sheenmeem
  4. girlwithatripod
  5. Mia
  6. Annacottage
  7. Sayanti aka shine
  8. slfinnell
  9. Teacup talk
  10. free2beme27

Apparently not all bloggers will want to accept the award to your blog. I’m nominating you anyways because I think the purpose of these award is to nominate the blogs you admire and also create exposure to other blogs and create a following train. Thank you.

My answer to anaidwrites questions:

  1. The best advice I have gotten is ‘Don’t run from my shadow’ and the worst I have gotten; seriously I can’t remember.
  2. One thing I would have loved to change in the world if given the opportunity is to bring peace to this world.
  3. My life’s mantra; I’ve got so many but will only mention one ‘you are not a failure, because you can’t be all things to all people. You are human’

My Questions:

  1. What would you like to achieve in the next 5 years.
  2. Has divorce ever crossed your mind and what would you do to avoid it for life.
  3. What would you do to encourage entrepreneurship.

Appreciating my Readers

I woke up this morning having a long line of thought about where I’m heading to, I’m going to take a bold step in my life next week which has much to do with my career path and it’s going to really determine a lot in my life. Guess what? Shivers are running down my spine!!! I need other bloggers strength somehow I can’t explain.

I want to use this opportunity to thank Daisy in Willows. She’s been such an inspiration to me, she’s so very lovely. I started blogging on the 13th of April, 2016 not really knowing how the acceptance process would look like or what to expect but to tell you frankly, it’s been great, WordPress bloggers are the best, this is a journey that has really put me on a vision filled walk in my life, there are times I feel awkward and lost, then I decide not to post but read other bloggers post and I get all the answers to my questions.

appreciating bloggers

I want to also thank other readers that has been supportive one way or the other through likes, comments, their daily blog posts too 😀✌. Daisy did something and I was quite impressed and moved me close to tears, I also want to do something like that to show my heartfelt feelings of appreciation to bloggers out there, can’t mention all names, that’s gonna be quite a lot of work. Ha ha, but know that I love you all sincerely. You have been in my journey so far which doesn’t stop here neither is it about  to. With God on our side the journey won’t get tougher but easier.

Daisy in the Willows 


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“It is the tenderness that breaks our hearts, the loveliness that leaves us stranded on the shore, watching the boats sail away. It is the sweetness that makes us want to reach out and touch the soft skin of another person. And it is the grace that comes to us, undeserving though we may be” Robert Goolrick

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well” Voltaire

There is a journey that’s waiting for you, you will make great discoveries, you will find treasures and hidden powers, it’s a journey divinely designed just for you, today be brave in self-love and start the journey within yourself, there God is waiting to show you his masterpiece of love” Micheline Jean Louis