The man behind the curtain

The Man Behind The Curtain

He smiles when it rains love

Glows when the moon sets

Roars like the king of the jungle when I’m hurt

Keeps me in the comfort of his arms….

I see a man sitting in the dead of the night, staring hard…

Do I really know the man behind the curtain?

Have you ever really sat down to think about your partner, who he really is, what goes on in that tiny mind of his. What does he do when you aren’t looking? Is he really generally stable?

Good question…

Several of us have said I trust my partner, we communicate very well…that is very good, trust is one of the building blocks of a good relationship and communication is essential be it courtship or marriage, but have an open mind, we are all human; in the process of doing both and giving space know that the devil exist in us to act just as their is goodness in us. Sometimes we are weak but pretend to be strong…

Do you really know the man behind the curtain?

Whoever is behind the curtain of your love life. Be attentive- eddaz.




14 thoughts on “The Man Behind The Curtain”

  1. Of course we can never be sure who’s the one we live with, people even don’t know themselves sometimes. And when you come in the relationship crisis you start to see the things you least expected.
    But I think trust is about now and only now, it’s not about putting your whole life in the hands of the other. “Do I trust you now? -yes, will I trust you tomorrow? – I don’t know”. it’s always about the now. And there is also the difference between trusting someone and following your guts, as they say: follow your heart but take your brain with you!

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