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Monday Highlights

What makes me happy on Monday even though it’s always a busy one – is that idea of jotting out my list and highlighting the most important goals I need to achieve. Over the weekend I lounged around the house and immerse myself in happy thoughts watched movies, hung out with my hubby and friends. I needed these moments because it was a challenging week. It’s so amazing how one’s spirits get jolted by spending time with loved ones. Therefore, my Monday highlights include:

Stay Focused.

Build Confidence.

Be extraordinary.

Centered meditation.

Adjusting my creative process to an optimal point.

Cool, collected and calm in every situation.

These are just a few of the highlights, they aren’t my goals, however, are the tools for achieving my goals today and the rest of the week. We are living in a world where everything is evolving at a quick hype and we need to be innovative. I admire people that do this and multi-task.

My advice to everyone this week is to be a game changer and remember when you get to the peak of your career or you become who you ought to be, people will expect you to conform and when you don’t, you will be characterised as being proud; Be yourself, it’s better than being anyone’s doormat.

Have a lovely week people.

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Renewal Of Your Mind

The mind is like an orbit revolving in space. The power it evokes is enough to determine where you are positioned in your life, however, if the mind isn’t powerful enough to move boundaries then it needs to be developed. How is this done?

It’s done through the renewal of your mind, you need to become fully aware of your thoughts, sensations, the conscious, subconscious and unconscious parts of your senses. The sleeping cells in your brain will awaken from slumber when it is challenged.

You have to explore your mind, delve into the space left untouched for so long out of ignorance, try to become sensitive to your environment, think outside the box, learn meditation, learn self-awareness.

These techniques will highlight parts of your mind which will help in the way of your life, career, relationships, the whole lot of things that you ought to have experienced but never too late to achieve, hence it inspires you to strive higher toward the shining pinnacle of perfection.

The mind needs information else you will be restricted only to the facts it has been able to gather, when you feed your mind with more information you will be able to gather more knowledge that you can access at any time, you can transform this knowledge through brainstorming into something beyond your own imagination, you also can extend this knowledge far and wide which can find its way back to further advance you.

Over time I have endeavored on renewing my mind which helps me keep up with events revolving around me, updates me on how much I have achieved, and yet to accomplish. It’s vital to note that “seeking” will always help you to find everything that is yours.

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When He Cares But Not Ready

I’ve sometimes wondered about this type of men that show women they care about them but say it out so blatantly that they aren’t ready for a commitment and then this type of man that wants to get a girl pregnant before he decides to marry her. Life is a wierd dude…. ain’t it? I was at the salon and heard a group of friends talk about this men in their life.

Guy A.

He’s a cool guy, doing fine in his career, responsible, funny, shows support to the girl he cares about, treats her with respect and not a player but not sure if he is ready to get committed by going into a relationship with her, doesn’t even care much about getting sex or not. Beeps her when she goes quiet.

ezgif.com-resize (89)_1

My opinion is that this guy has a phobia of some sort. But what can a girl do with this type of guy?

Guy B.

He’s got good career, hardworking bad ass guy, good looking, searching for a girl to get pregnant before he decides to get married to her considering the fact that he has tried lots of girls that haven’t been able to give him one. Lol…even though he already has a kid almost out of college.

He cares but not ready

My opinion is that I’m clueless to what this guy really wants. Or maybe he’s just damn old school.

What’s your opinion about this two guys?

Natural Talent Vs Skilled Job -Choose

The general knowledge about life is everyone has to work to earn a living-bare in mind that there are some human that are perpetually lazy and would rather do nothing to survive. Then there is a common misconception where humans find it overly confusing what to do in life to achieve their set goals and objectives. Take it or leave it, we need to survive and to do this we have to do a job which either will come from our natural talent or from our skill sets. I need to crash this down to tiny little bits for better understanding.

Natural talent is not learnt, it simply comes naturally, it doesn’t often require training or education unless if you chose to further polish it until it glows in crystal colours, it is in-depth, you dream it, it is felt, you see it right in front of you, there’s this feeling of joy and fulfillment in talent, sometimes the finances might not come so soon from it like regular monthly salary jobs, but regardless of it, you still find peace in it and there’s greater recognition from it.

Skilled Job is the one acquired over years through series of education, training, skill acquisition, it makes you smarter, gives you monthly financial comfort, you might have passion for it and you might not, you are engaged in it because it pays your bills.

Questions have been asked by so many on figuring their life purpose, which career path to follow, means of survival. You have an option to choose. Once you know your talent, it give room for more options. Do you love your skilled work? You don’t need to search your mind before the answer comes up because you know it. it’s a yes or no. Do you love your talent? It’s same. Which one gives you more satisfaction? which one pays your bills more? which one can you keep doing for the rest of your life with a purpose and never get tried of?

One important thing to know is that your life purpose may not be in what you have skills for, it may not be in what gives you regular inflow of income, it may not even be in what you believe you know how to do very well- yes it may not be what you believe you should do or know how to do very well.

Your life purpose is in what gives you a sense of joy, fulfillment, love, everything in life comes with challenges so as your talent will come with challenges, you life purpose could even be in the regular job if it makes you happy.

What gives you purpose to live, to love, to continue? What gives you this sense of deep bliss, fulfillment? What gives you income to survive, to pay your bills?

I was once asked a question that what if my talent isn’t paying my bills like the regular skilled work, but I love my talent work much more, like it’s my life. My answer was ‘If you love your talent work and it’s not paying your bills yet, alternatively you have a job that pays your bills but you don’t love it enough, then rather choose your job BUT make it temporary and a solution to creating a foundation for your talent. Use the skilled work to generate income for the stability of your talent work, when the timeline is set to further no longer with the office job, you will know and all things will work out, you will have a better knowledge on how to navigate your challenges’

That’s my opinion! If you hate your job so much but have a treasure hidden somewhere, do you think you should exploit it regardless of it’s challenges?

Is it your talent or skilled job? Choose today and be happy!